Security Council mission releases report on its visit to Ethiopia and Eritrea

In the report released today at UN Headquarters in New York, the Council welcomes the statements by the two countries reaffirming that the decision on boundary issues by an independent commission “is final and binding,” and emphasized that implementing the findings should take place in an orderly manner without any unilateral actions by either side. “The international community attaches the highest importance to this decision and praises the resolution by peaceful means of the border conflict,” the report says. “The commitments of both parties [to the decision of the Boundary Commission] represent a pivotal measure of their dedication to the peace process.” The delegation, led by Ambassador Ole Peter Kolby of Norway, travelled last week to both countries for talks with authorities in Addis Ababa and Asmara, as well as officials from the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE). The delegation urges, however, both sides to refrain from any action that could have destabilizing effects, including population movements and movements of troops and militia, until procedures for transfer of territorial control are agreed upon. The report also stresses the importance of demining efforts as an essential prerequisite to border demarcation, and urges the two countries to cooperate fully in fulfilling their responsibilities in this regard, as called for in the peace accord. As for the UN presence, the delegation strongly commends UNMEE’s contribution, in cooperation with both sides, towards the situation of the people, especially in the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ), a demilitarized buffer area between the two countries. “The mission is encouraged by the progress made thus far,” the delegation writes, adding that in the crucial period ahead, it will be particularly important that the Special Representative of Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Legwaila Joseph Legwaila, has easy accessibility to both sides in order to discuss the further steps to be taken. The Council is expected to discuss the report in an open meeting next week. read more

Flexco adds urethane capabilities to its manufacturing process

first_imgFlexco is now manufacturing its urethane belt cleaner blades at its Grand Rapids, Michigan location. The investment in the equipment and resources gives Flexco the opportunity to generate new, innovative products, it says.“We spent more than a year testing over 100 formulations in the laboratory, in the field, and internally to ensure that we put the highest quality urethane blades on the market,” Ryan Grevenstuk, Senior Product Manager at Flexco, said. “We continue to invest to ensure we’re creating products that withstand the most demanding applications.”In-house and in-field tests were conducted by Flexco specialists until it was determined that the blades met Flexco’s quality standards. The success of the blades has encouraged Flexco to continue innovating with other custom urethane products.“These capabilities will speed the time it takes to bring innovative products to market in terms of development and delivery, continually enhancing the quality we put into every product we make,” Grevenstuk said. “We continue to make investments in our manufacturing capabilities in the US and around the world to ensure our products can be delivered to local markets in a timely and consistent manner.”Flexco also recently invested in two new side-by-side incline conveyors to expand the testing and R&D capabilities on heavy-duty Flexco products at the Michigan location. The new conveyor loop gives Flexco engineers the chance to conduct internal testing that mirrors realistic conditions in the field and augments current laboratory, field, and other conveyor testing performed on Flexco products.“This new conveyor system is allowing our engineers to test the performance of our products in a realistic mining environment. The control we have over the test variables with this equipment allows us to investigate and understand the science behind our products, and we then use that knowledge to enhance our products’ performance and value to our customers.” Carl Hessler, BCP Engineering Manager for Flexco, said.last_img read more