UN Condemns Guerrilla Attacks in Colombian Region

first_img On July 14, the representative of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Colombia, Todd Howland, condemned the harassment of inhabitants of the conflict-ridden department of Cauca (in southwestern Colombia) by the FARC, a communist guerrilla group. “I energetically condemn these attacks that affect civilians,” Howland said in a statement in which he reported on a visit he made Friday to the municipality of Miranda, where clashes between Government forces and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have taken place. “Although neither my team nor I were wounded, we were witnesses of what is happening to people in this region of the country, and it’s really difficult and very sad to see what these Colombians are suffering,” the representative lamented. Accompanied by other OHCHR delegates, Howland met with organizations of indigenous people and rural workers, as well as with civilian and military authorities, in order to evaluate the human-rights situation in this conflict-ridden area. “During almost the entire mission, I heard shots and explosions. I left the area by a different route from the one by which I entered. I know that the coordinator of the Miranda indigenous guard, Camilo Tarquinas, who accompanied us in several of these places, was wounded in the left leg upon leaving the area,” Howland lamented. Over the last week, in the course of combat in other Cauca municipalities, such as Toribio, Argelia, and Caloto, more than a dozen inhabitants have been wounded, while residences and communications infrastructure have been damaged, and dozens of communities of indigenous people and rural workers have been displaced. At the same time, in the municipality of Jambaló, a Colombian Air Force plane – a Super Tucano manufactured in Brazil – suffered an accident in which its two pilots died. While the guerrilla group claims to have shot down the aircraft, which was conducting operations in the mountainous area, President Juan Manuel Santos and the authorities have dismissed this account. The FARC is Colombia’s leading guerrilla group and has around 9,200 fighters, according to official figures. By Dialogo July 17, 2012last_img read more

The political opposition will stop at nothing, says PRO of Dominica Labour Party

first_img Tweet Share Share LocalNews The political opposition will stop at nothing, says PRO of Dominica Labour Party by: – August 18, 2011 Sharecenter_img 54 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Labour Party, Dr. Philbert Aaron.Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Labour Party Dr. Philbert Aaron says the political Opposition party in Dominica will stop at nothing in its pursuit of power.Dr. Aaron, who was a guest on Kairi FM’s Heng programme yesterday said, based on events which have recently occurred causes him to ponder upon ‘How far will the Opposition go in its pursuit of power?’“The events in the public that you can pick up on in the media because overall it seems that in 2011 the Dominica Opposition has no limit in what it will do to try to get into office; two years after the general elections that they lost and specifically, a week ago a statement was made at Layou by an Attorney at Law, David Bruney regarding linking riots in England, riots that everybody had seen on television and to events in Dominica. It’s not the first time that I have asked that question because the events that the political opposition in Dominica gets involved with make you reflect on those questions,” he said.According to Dr. Aaron, the political opposition will not adhere to the traditional restraints or limits within society in their quest for power.Dr. Aaron further noted that the direction in which the Opposition Party is headed is not a good one nor is it in line with compromise.“I think the evidence shows that the Opposition is on a course going in a particular direction. The evidence also shows that, that course is not towards compromise, consensus or any of those good things that we are accustomed to. They are on a direction trajectory away from that, starting on the night of the elections up to today the United Workers Party has not conceded defeat,” he said.According to the Public Relations Officer, while one may conclude that the United Workers Party are correct in their decision not to concede defeat, they have only petitioned to the Courts to challenge three of the local elections which will not give them a majority.“There were twenty one local elections that’s why they are called general, victory in eleven elections gives you a majority. The United Workers Party from the outset challenged; and by the way the challenge was formally launched in January of 2010 but they challenged, not eleven that would say that they have some hope of within this period getting some redress from the Court, no; they challenged in the beginning five. So even if the Government side had automatically gotten confirmation of its seats it would have been sixteen, a clear majority,” he said.Dr. Aaron is of the view that some of the pronouncements made by United Workers Party members for regime change encourage confrontations which do not promote democracy.“There’ve been calls for regime change, they’ve been all types of atrocious statements, all sorts of statements that are not democratic; that do not push towards democracy and so the clear thing is that they are moving towards increasing confrontation and it seems to me that where they are heading is not a good place. It’s a place that we’ve been before in Dominica in the short history of our independence and it does not look good,” he said.Dr. Aaron is of the view that based on past experience which “Mary Eugenia Charles experienced in the first couple of years her government and other challenges in Dominica; we know enough of how democracy is supposed to be managed to actually be quite concerned about what the Opposition is doing.”Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Pushing the limits

first_imgThe Visions and Voices event, Velocity and Vulnerability: Baseball Pitchers and the Limits of Human Performance took place at Dedeaux Field on Tuesday evening. The panel discussed human limitations and if what we expect from athletes, in particular baseball players, is unreasonable.last_img