Doctors say a quarter of allsicknote requests are bogus

first_imgDoctors receive 22 million requests for sicknotes every year, andÊbelieveÊ9million of these are suspect, according to insurer Norwich Union. Its Health of the Nation Index found that GPs think almost a quarter of the577 requests for sicknotes they each get a year are questionable, at best, andnearly a fifth are invalid. AlmostÊ3 million workers across the country admitted they would considerasking their GP for a bogus sicknote, with twice as many men than women sayingthey would cheat the system. More than a fifth of the GPs interviewed said up to 20 per cent of theirpatients were unable to work because of health reasons. However, many GPs thought the numbers of people on sick leave could bereduced if there were fewer delays in treatment, and if organisations arrangedto have their employees back to work in a different capacity. Four out of 10 of the GPs interviewed thought more than a third of theirpatients who were unable to work could actually work a few hours a day or in aslightly different role, but employers were not encouraging them to return towork. The most frequent causes for sicknote requests were back pain, followed bydepression, workplace stress, other stress-related problems and the flu The top five reasons for requesting a sicknote were: a personal crisis thatcould not be discussed with an employer, workplace too stressful, a holidayrequest refused, and “to give me a legitimate excuse to skive offwork”. Doug Wright, clinical development manager at Norwich Union Healthcare, said:”If patients were to educate themselves more about their condition, aswell as the other forms of support available, this could not only reduce thenumbers seeing GPs, but will actually benefit patients’ health in thelong-term.” Doctors say a quarter of allsicknote requests are bogusOn 1 Jun 2004 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more