Non-native microbial introductions: what risk to Antarctic ecosystems?

first_imgAntarctica’s biodiversity and its intrinsic values are potentially at risk from the introduction of non-native species, derived from a range of sources including human activities. Whilst controls on introducing plants and invertebrates are now in place, limited attention has so far been given to microorganisms that comprise the majority of the Antarctic terrestrial biomass, and are highly dispersive. Information deficits and likely impacts in a warming climate indicate that this should be given a higher research priority, particularly in ice-free areas where the range of microbial habitats for colonisation is higher.last_img

Food thief strikes Hertford

first_imgA series of thefts from communal fridges at Hertford College has led to third-year students proposing a motion for the JCR to take action against the culprit. The motion calls for additional security and harsh punishment of the criminal.The proposers of the motion, Matt Jones and Hari Jackson, explained the details of their proposal, saying, “We have asked the JCR to allocate £250 pounds for the installation of the best possible security system, ideally featuring a combination of CCTV, motion detectors and (although we admit this is optimistic) a fingerprint-coded lock on the fridge.” He continued, “As for what was stolen, we are currently down half a chicken and bacon sandwich, a chicken triple and a Tesco ‘Everyday Value’ tikka masala (at least).  We appear to be dealing with a thief specialising in chicken-based carb dishes, as nothing else has been stolen from a fridge that had contained a large number of beers, smoked salmon and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange over the last two weeks.”When asked about the identity of the thief, the pair revealed, “We haven’t ruled anyone out. We’re very keen on poetic justice, and as such if the thief is caught we would like to see them mandated by the JCR to eat an entire roast chicken during the duration of the next meeting.” They added, “We are greatly saddened by these events, as combined with the RONing debacle of two weeks ago it feels like Hertford is forgetting its true identity,” but added that “we are sure the JCR will do its utmost to stop this pillaging and approve our motion.”It seems that chicken theft at Hertford is a long-standing problem. One second-year History student traced food thefts back to last year. She commented, “Someone took an entire pack  of chicken breasts from the fridge. It was tragic. I had an exciting chicken-based curry planned. Despite pleas and angry appeals for the chicken to be replaced, I never found the culprit.” However, she continued, “CCTV and motion sensors may be taking things a bit too far and creating a culture of fear and paranoia at Hertford. It is a sad day if we come to that.”When asked about the food thefts motion, Hertford JCR President Hugh Baker told Cherwell, “I have no knowledge of any food thefts. We had a JCR meeting last Sunday, our next one is Sunday of 8th. There was no motion regarding food theft last Sunday, and there hasn’t been one submitted for next time.last_img read more

What Wisconsin basketball will look like without Koenig, Hayes and company

first_imgAfter four years of NCAA tournament runs led by the recently graduated University of Wisconsin men’s basketball players Nigel Hayes, Bronson Koenig, Zak Showalter and Vitto Brown, the Badgers are going to have to move on with a new core of players.With these players leaving, they are losing four of their five starters, who accounted for 57 percent of the team’s minutes played last year. That being the case, the 2017–18 team is obviously going to be a lot different.This is a team that has made the NCAA tournament for 19 straight seasons, which the sixth-longest streak in the nation and the second-longest in the Big Ten. If this team can survive the departures of Frank Kaminsky, Sam Dekker, John Gasser and Duje Dukan and still make it to the Sweet Sixteen the following year, then this should be plenty manageable.Former Wisconsin standout Sam Dekker traded to LA ClippersIn an unsuspected deal, former University of Wisconsin men’s basketball player Sam Dekker was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers Read…The Badgers may have graduated four players last year, but fortunately, they have three incoming freshmen ready to lead the next era of Wisconsin basketball: 6-foot-3 explosive scorer Kobe King, 6-foot-9 forward Nathan Reuvers and 6-foot-3 point guard Brad Davison.Considering how many significant players departed the Badgers after last season, they may need to rely on these recruits more than they usually would.Davison will likely spend his first season with UW backing up D’Mitrik Trice at point guard. Davison is a proven ball handler and can finish at the rim, which is a perfect complement to Trice’s shooting.Bumbaca: Obituary for careers of Nigel Hayes, Zak Showalter, Bronson Koenig, Vitto Brown after four unforgettable years at WisconsinThe careers of University of Wisconsin men’s basketball players Zak Showalter, 23; Nigel Hayes, 22; Vitto Brown, 21; and Bronson Read…Davison will be joined by King in the backcourt. King will be fighting over minutes at shooting guard with sophomore Brevin Pritzl, who hasn’t quite proven he’s ready to start yet.Pritzl averaged 1.9 PPG and shot 34 percent last season, which isn’t quite the level he should be at for someone with two years of collegiate play under his belt. King should be able to handle the ball and shoot from outside, which are much needed skills for the Badgers.Joining the front court will be Reuvers. He joins Ethan Happ, Andy Van Vliet, Alex Illikainen and Charlie Thomas in the Badger’s front court and will likely receive a fair share of minutes. Unlike other players, Reuvers has a solid jump shot and will be able to stretch the floor.After going undrafted, Hayes to sign with New York KnicksAfter going undrafted, former University of Wisconsin men’s basketball forward Nigel Hayes has officially signed on with the New York Knicks. Read…Reuvers will be key in replacing Vitto Brown as the team’s stretch big man. In addition to his jump shot, he was a capable rim protector, rebounder and defender in high school, and he’ll have a great mentor to develop those skills in Happ.Speaking of Happ, the Badgers’ first team All-Big Ten forward isn’t going anywhere. He was tied for second on the team in 2016-17 with 14.0 PPG on an impressive .586 shooting and led the team with 9.0 RPG as well.Happ was UW’s most reliable player in terms being able to score an easy basket when he was underneath the rim. He was not only the team’s best defender, but also one of the best in the conference last season and was recognized as such by making the Big Ten All-Defensive team.Happ has only made a handful of shots outside of the paint in his entire Badger career and that is something he needs to change if he wants to take his game to the next level. He shot only 50 percent from the free throw line and did not attempt a single three.Emily Sachs/The Badger HeraldWith Koenig gone, the guy expected to take over the reigns as the starting point guard is D’Mitrik Trice. Trice spent his freshmen year backing up Koenig and did a pretty stellar job.Trice made 38 three-pointers in 2016-17, which resulted in a 42 percent completion — the best on the team. He also put up a couple of rebounds and assists per game as well, which is pretty solid for a backup point guard that only got 18 minutes per game last year.After going undrafted, Koenig signs deal with Milwaukee BucksIn just 15 words, former University of Wisconsin men’s basketball player Bronson Koenig attempted to make his case to the NBA Read…Trice will probably take on a much bigger role for the Badgers next year and potentially be an All-Big Ten guard in years to come.The Badgers have a lot of talent and minutes to replace, but fortunately head coach Greg Gard went out and recruited some top local talent that should keep the team secure for years to come. I am expecting something alone the lines of another top four finish in the Big Ten as well as moving on to at least round two during March Madness.The first game of the 2017-18 season is scheduled for October 30, and this season is sure to be an exciting season for all Badger fans.last_img read more