first_imgUse care in the kitchenHarrison said cross-contamination from raw chitterlings ontokitchen surfaces, food, toys, bottles and pacifiers is to blamefor the spread of Yersinia.While anyone who consumes the bacteria is susceptible, Harrisonsaid most cases in Georgia occur in children less than 5 yearsold. These cases often occur in children under 2 who aren’t eveneating chitterlings.”Young children are the ones getting sick from the bacteria beingspread throughout the kitchen,” she said. “If toys, bottles orpacifiers come in contact with contaminated areas in the kitchen,children get sick.”Anything that has touched the raw chitterlings or their juices isa potential source of contamination.Common symptoms of Yersinia are diarrhea, stomach pains andfever. These symptoms usually occur within three to seven days ofconsumption.Younger children may have severe, bloody diarrhea, while olderchildren and adults may have severe stomach pain that resemblesappendicitis. Severe cases may require hospitalization. By Brooke HatfieldUniversity of GeorgiaChitterlings may pose more risk of a food-borne illness than manypeople realize. Better known as “chitlins,” these fried favoritescan spread Yersinia enterocolitica, a bacterium commonly found inpigs and other animals.”The problem occurs when raw chitterlings are cleaned in thekitchen,” said Judy Harrison, an extension service foodspecialist with the University of Georgia College of Family andConsumer Sciences. Buy precooked or boil them yourselfTo prevent Yersinia, use only precooked chitterlings or boil themfor 5 minutes before cleaning them, according to the GeorgiaDepartment of Human Resources’ Public Health Division.Clean the kitchen thoroughly. Use a solution of 1 tablespoon ofchlorine bleach per gallon of warm water to treat surfaces thathave come into contact with raw chitterlings or their juices.Then allow the surfaces to air-dry.Wash utensils in this solution, too, once you’ve washed them inhot water and soap or in the dishwasher. Place them in thesolution for 1 minute. Then allow them to air-dry.After boiling the chitterlings, clean and cook them as usual.Make sure they’re thoroughly cooked before eating them.last_img read more

Wildcats Varsity Tennis Falls To Trojans

first_imgThe FC Wildcats took on EIAC opponents, the East Central Trojans, losing 3-2.The Cats came out strong in the match with Trevor Murray winning easy at #2 singles, and then, the #1 doubles team of Braydon Ertel and Dylan Little got the win as well to put the Cats up 2-0. However, wins at 1 and 3 singles by the Trojans tied it up at 2-all with just the #2 doubles match remaining. After losing the first set, Lewis and Oetzel battled back to send it to a decisive third set. However, in the end, the Trojans were just too strong as they win the third set, 1-6.It was a tough fought match, and the Cats look to bounce back next week with matches against both Batesville and Greensburg.Scores:#1 Singles: Landon Bundy (FC) fell to Chase Lambrinides (EC) – (3-6, 3-6)#2 Singles: Trevor Murray (FC) defeated Bryce Taylor (EC) – (6-1, 6-2)#3 Singles: Austin Arrasmith (FC) fell to Gavin Daniels (EC) – (1-6, 3-6)#1 Doubles: Braydon Ertel and Dylan Little (FC) defeated Cole Davidson/Jared Volpenhein (EC) – (6-0, 6-1)#2 Doubles: Dillon Lewis/Kurt Oetzel (FC) fell to Allen Pope/Zach Bovard (EC) – (5-7, 7-6(8-6), 1-6)Courtesy of Wildcats Coach Landon Bundy.last_img read more