Kitten stuck in car escapes with barely a scratch

first_imgAs Andrea Duvall climbed into her car at 4:30 a.m. Monday, she thought she heard the faint sound of a cat meowing.She searched her garage but couldn’t find a cat. As she backed down the driveway, she heard it again.“I could just hear him cry, he was just mewing away as I drove,” she said.She woke up her husband and the two searched her car. When they finally gave up and Duvall tried to drive away, they heard meowing yet again. “He yelled, ‘It’s in your car,’” she said. This time, they “tore the car apart,” searching the back seat, the trunk and wheel wells. “We couldn’t find him anywhere,” she said.They finally realized that the small kitten was somewhere under the hood of her 2013 Audi A5. Not knowing what else to do, Duvall drove from her house in Woodland to downtown Vancouver. “I drove all the way to work really, really slowly,” she said. When she arrived to work about an hour later, the cat was still meowing. Her co-workers tried to reach up under her wheel well. The Vancouver Fire Department responded and tried to free the cat, but ultimately couldn’t help. In hopes the cat would climb out on its own, Duvall put some chicken from a co-worker’s lunch on the ground. But after two hours, the kitten still hadn’t emerged.last_img read more