What Leadership in Integrated Systems Looks Like: VCE

first_imgAs a market leader in converged infrastructure systems, VCE has worked with its customers to drive agility, accelerate application development and innovation, reduce risk, simplify operations, and reduce cost.VCE pioneered converged infrastructure with its Vblock Systems for mission critical workloads. Now VCE has introduced a new family of hyper-converged RackScale Systems that enables enterprises and Service Providers to dramatically simplify the deployment of next generation scale out mobile, cloud and distributed applications. The VCE VXRACK Systems enables customers to start from dozens of servers and scale to thousands of servers — tens of petabytes of storage capacity while delivering the highest performance and value per IOP. Most importantly, VCE brings its proven methodology of pre-engineered factory built infrastructure with single call lifecycle support to deliver a massively scaled out hyper-converged VxRack Systems with the same unmatched VCE customer experience.In its recently published Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems, Gartner recognized VCE as a leader, both for its vision and ability to execute. This is the second year in a row Gartner placed VCE in a prominent position in the Magic Quadrant.Gartner sees the emerging importance of hyper converged systems and the need for speed, simplicity and scalability, acknowledging VCE’s ability to deliver these solutions.Gartner notes that it expects VCE to expand converged infrastructure offerings, both horizontally and vertically, to help enterprises and Service Providers to further simplify and transform their IT to meet the challenges of the cloud era.At this month’s VMworld, VCE will formally announce the second persona of its hyper-converged system, VxRack. The first VxRack persona accommodated a variety of bare metal and hypervisor configurations, including software-defined technologies. The latest VxRack integrates VMware’s EVO software stack to facilitate the journey to the cloud and to the fully Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). This hyper-converged system extends the VCE Experience vertically, encompassing infrastructure hardware and software to create a simplified, fully optimized VMware cloud and SDDC solutions.Customer use cases vary, requiring a flexible portfolio approach.  VCE uniquely delivers a complete converged infrastructure portfolio that spans Blocks (Vblock & VxBlock), RackScale hyper-converged engineered systems (VxRack), and hyper-converged appliances (VSPEX Blue).Couple this flexibility with lifecycle support, virtually unlimited scalability, compatibility with existing Vblock and VxBlock systems and unified management interfaces, and it’s obvious why Gartner so strongly supports VCE’s established position as market leader in converged infrastructure.VCE is the only converged infrastructure vendor to deliver solutions spanning across blocks, racks and appliances, and to drive convergence vertically into the software layer by consolidating and standardizing processes across diverse infrastructure components and software stacks.With innovation that changes what’s possible for IT and business, VCE intends to continue leading the market.last_img read more

Who Needs an All-In-One Computer, Anyway?

first_imgSleek, simple to set up, energy and space-efficient — even with all the benefits all-in-one computers (AIOs) offer, they haven’t quite reached the ubiquity of their traditional desktop or laptop brethren. That’s partly because an AIO makes the most sense in a few specific use cases, not necessarily as the choice to outfit an entire workforce or family.Four common AIO use casesDesk-centric workers who want the best of both worlds – When you spend your time at a desk, laptops with their smaller screens, built-in keyboards and touchpads aren’t the most comfortable and productive option. That said, desk-centric workers may still want some of the perks associated with laptops, like touchscreen technology and a built-in webcam.Small spaces – Whether it’s a retail salesperson with limited counter space, a dorm-dwelling student or a homeowner looking for a kitchen PC, dealing with tight spaces gets easier with the smaller footprint of an AIO compared to a traditional desktop and display.Entertainment systems – For multimedia lovers who want the rich Dell Cinema viewing experience without having to hide a desktop tower, the right AIO can be a fantastic solution. The award-winning Dell XPS 27 All-In-One is even “Ready for VR.”High-visibility areas – For workers who sit in high-visibility areas, such as office managers and receptionists, companies may prefer the aesthetics of an AIO to minimize wires and maximize first impressions.Standout AIOsA leader in every segment of computing, Dell has developed AIOs with customers’ needs in mind. As you would expect, there are some stand-out performers that rise above and are worth serious consideration…Dell Inspiron 27 7000 AIOOur latest high-performance AIO is purpose-built for entertainment lovers, early adopters and customers looking for exceptional experiences like virtual reality and premium 4K viewing. It offers the power and graphics performance to support those experiences and some gaming as well, thanks to the latest Intel 8th Generation processors and available NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics. Multimedia lovers will also enjoy the immersive, superior Dell Cinema experience with 27” InfinityEdge display with 4K UHD resolution. It also offers the security and convenience of Windows Hello support and an infrared camera for password-free login. But it goes a step further to protect privacy and prevent accidental, embarrassing video calls with a pop-up webcam design that stays off until you want it.But the biggest appeal may just be the design. My unshakable first impression of this AIO was wondering at how it looked no thicker than the 27” Dell display it was sitting next to, yet there was a high-performance PC with discrete graphics somehow hiding inside.Dell OptiPlex 7760 AIOFor those outfitting for work rather than play, Dell’s new family of OptiPlex AIOs provide plenty of performance with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, a powerful discrete GPU option and available SSDs or Intel® Optane™ memory to quickly launch common applications and files for major productivity gains. Similar to the Dell Inspiron 27 7000 AIO, the OptiPlex line features a pop-up webcam to for video collaboration, with optional infrared and full HD resolution to enable Windows Hello sign-on support and sharp video calls.And while that is the largest and most powerful AIO in the family, workers can also choose from the new 24” OptiPlex 7460 AIO or the new 22” OptiPlex 5260 AIO.So, AIOs are actually an excellent solution for certain combinations of customer needs, and we’re proud to offer some of the most powerful and functional options on the market. Whether you’re looking for a clutter-free way to enjoy movies, music or other entertainment, a smaller footprint for your limited workspace or just want a more beautiful machine, an AIO might be the option you didn’t realize, until now, that you really need.last_img read more

How A Mining Technology Company is Transforming into an Analytics Company

first_imgHow do you turn your idea into a market-ready product or service? How do you move a prototype into production? How do you scale to mass production while maintaining high levels of customer support? If you’re an existing company, how do digitize your assets and develop a different customer model that provides new services and drives additional revenues? These are the burning questions that keep innovators and business leaders awake at night.Focus on what you do bestAs the VP of the Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions Product Group, success, in my view, is down to the right partnership and division of labor. No one person can be an expert at everything. My advice is focus on what you do best – generating great ideas or running your core business – and recruit the right partners to help do the rest.The Weir Group’s digital transformation is a classic case in point. An engineering company founded in the 1870s, Weir is now increasingly seen as an expert in both mechanical technology and analytics.Weir’s new value propositionOf course, providing the best mining equipment continues to be at the heart of Weir’s offering but it is no longer the only differentiator. Weir’s enhanced value proposition is focused on process optimization and predictive maintenance, where the company can remotely monitor the performance of customer equipment and use this data to schedule preventative maintenance.Avoid downtime & gain new insightsThis approach also means that customers avoid costly, unscheduled downtime as well as gaining better insights about the likely timing of equipment replacements. You can read more about Weir’s digital transformation story here. In this blog, I want to share some personal insights as to what we did from an engineering perspective to help bring Weir’s vision to life, and share my top tips for successful digital transformation.Together is betterFor starters, I personally loved the fact that every partner involved in the project contributed to the ultimate solution. What we designed together reflects not only Weir’s IP, but also our expertise and the expertise of our partners and suppliers. The solution really was bigger than the sum of its parts. Together, we developed something that none of us could have done alone.The customer is all that mattersThat brings me to another important point. While Dell Technologies might be one of the biggest technology companies in the world, we know that we don’t always have all the answers. We’re happy to bring in other expertise as required, work with other partners and generally just do what’s right by the customer.Open mindsWe all came to this project with open minds, no pre-conceptions and a willingness to listen and learn. We had to understand Weir’s business and what it was trying to achieve.While Weir had developed an in-house prototype, we started by sitting down, discussing what was needed and working together on an architectural design. Apart from engineering services from my group, we also involved colleagues from Supply Chain, Operations, Materials, Planning, Customization, Operations and Dell Financial Services. We were there for the long haul, providing value at every step along the way. It was a real partnership from the outset.Innovation takes timeIt’s important to say that the entire process – from initial idea and proof of concept to the first production unit leaving the factory – took two years. That wasn’t because any partner was being slow or unresponsive; the reality is that figuring out how to make a production level, industrial-grade, top-quality solution takes time.A shared understandingIn many ways, we understood first-hand what Weir was trying to achieve. Many people still perceive Dell Technologies as a commercial, off-the shelf box provider. And, it’s true – we do that very well, but we have also evolved into a full services and solutions provider. So, we know all about setting a vision and working to transform what we do and how others perceive us.Transforming business modelsFor Weir, the good news is that production roll out is underway. As one of our most complex IoT projects to date, I believe that this new technology solution has the potential to transform Weir into a digital engineering solutions company, revolutionizing how the company serves its mining, oil and gas and infrastructure customers and opening up possibilities for new products and services.Are you undergoing #DigitalTransformation?What has been your experience? I’d love to hear your comments and questions. Learn more about our industrial automation solutionsLearn more about Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge SolutionsLearn more about The Weir GroupKeep in touch. Follow us on Twitter @DellTechOEM and join our LinkedIn OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions Showcase page here.last_img read more

Texas man arrested in Capitol riot, another stays in custody

first_imgDALLAS (AP) — The FBI says a Texas man accused of taking part in the attack on the U.S. Capitol was arrested. Nicholas DeCarlo was allegedly seen inside the Capitol on Jan. 6 wearing a shirt with a message that stood for “murder the media.” The 30-year-old was arrested Tuesday and charged with obstructing an official proceeding, entering a restricted building, and parading or demonstrating on Capitol grounds. A judge ordered another Texas man, Garret Miller, to remain in custody without bond. The FBI says 34-year-old Miller allegedly called for the assassination of Democratic U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.last_img