Push for warning labels on alcohol

first_imgONE News 22 Nov 2012Coroner JP Ryan’s call for all alcohol products to carry health warnings is being supported by Alcohol Healthwatch. Ryan says William Paki died last December as a direct result of consuming too much alcohol and the coroner believes Paki probably was unaware of the risk. Ryan said “it is a constant source of concern” that a product which can result in the death of the consumer when drunk in excess can be sold without any warning. “I feel compelled to reiterate the need for such an inherently dangerous product to contain a warning to consumers.”…Alcohol Healthwatch director Rebecca Williams says the alcohol industry has “got away with not informing its consumers of the real risks associated with their products for far too long”. Williams said labels can be effective in raising awareness of the risks of consuming alcohol and “would be more effective when used in conjunction with measures such as increasing price and restricting the marketing and availability of alcohol in an integrated alcohol harm prevention strategy”. Williams said it is astonishing that a product that causes the premature death of 1000 New Zealanders each year is not required to advise consumers of the risks. Ryan has recommended that the appropriate Government agency consider making it a legal requirement that every container of alcohol carry a label warning consumers of the risk of death if an excessive amount is consumedhttp://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/push-warning-labels-alcohol-5233559last_img

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