Man accused of running over dog and kicking the body

first_imgThe Volusia County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that they have arrested a man who reportedly ran over a dog and then got out of his vehicle and kicked the animal.The incident occurred Thursday on the 4000 block of Treadway Road west of New Smyrna Beach.According to the report, the owner of the dog found the animal dead on the side of the road around 7:00 pm that evening. The woman then went to her neighbor’s home to inquire if her dog’s death had been captured on their surveillance cameras. Fortunately, it was.The video showed the animal walking down the street when the suspect later identified as 29-year-old Robert Joseph Kayat, swerved his white pickup truck in the animal’s direction. Kayat runs over the animal and then gets out of his truck where he nudges it with his boot then kicks it before getting back in his truck and driving away.A witness contacted authorities to detail what they saw. Then Kayat contacted authorities himself to explain his side of the story.Kayat told authorities that he intentionally swerved at the dog to spook it but accidentally ran it over.He has since been charged with a third degree animal cruelty and is now being held on a bond of $2,500.last_img

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