Success of BH Skiers: Elvedina Muzaferija Won Silver Medal

first_imgBH skier Elvedina Muzaferija (1999) won the second place and the silver medal on the competition in alpine skiing Whistler Cup in Montreal.In the competition of up to 16 years, out of 15 female competitors Muzaferija achieved the average of 57.58 and 56.91 in two runs, which is a total of 1 minute 54 seconds and 59 hundredths of a second. Skier from Czech Republic Nikola Bubák was a little more than a second faster and won the first place, while the third place was taken by the skier from the host country, Canadian Catherine Dufresne.More than 400 athletes from 25 countries participated in this competition.Muzaferija is a multiple champion of B&H in skiing. She is attending Fifth Gymnasium in Sarajevo, and is considered to be a great skiing hope.(Source:

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