Unboxing Reeses Minis

first_imgYou’ve got to hand it to Reese’s, the company made an unexpected splash at this year’s ces, thanks to the extended media push regarding its “big announcement” at the show. Yesterday, the company held an extremely well attended press conference, announcing a new model of Reese’s candy: Minis.These are the iPod shuffles of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, retaining the shape and tatse of the classic candy, in a form factor roughly the size of one’s thumbnail (there’s no display on these one’s, either.We managed to snag some hands-on time with the Minis. Here are the vital specs on the “King Size” configuration: 360 Calories180 Calories22g Fat0g TransFat180mg SodiumCarbs 41gCheck out some unboxing shots, after the jump.last_img

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