Sgnl watch band lets you make calls using a finger

first_imgDo you remember when Bluetooth headsets became a thing and everyone joked about how dumb we all looked talking on them? Well, that’s nothing compared to Sgnl, a new smart watch band currently raising funds on Kickstarter. It transmits audio through your hand, letting you take calls by putting your finger in your ear. It sounds like a fake product designed for an April Fool’s prank, but this appears to be the real deal.The strap can be installed on any watch that uses standard lugs, which includes most smartwatches and regular mechanical watches. It pairs with your phone over Bluetooth likes any other wireless headset, but instead of having a speaker you jam in your ear, it has a body conduction unit (BCU). An actuator generates a vibration that travels through your hand and into your ear (when you stick your finger in it). The device also amplifies the wavelengths to transmit voice signals effectively.The company behind Singl, Innomdle Lab, began as a part of Samsung’s C-LAB program. It was spun off from Samsung in 2015, and is now looking to bring its technology to the market with some help from Kickstarter.Innomdle Lab is still close with Samsung, though. Representatives from the company are on hand at Samsung’s IFA booth this week demoing Sgnl. People who have tried it say the product works as advertised, but the audio quality isn’t amazing. It sounds like an old timey radio broadcast. So, Sgnl might work, but you’re going to look legitimately crazy using it. The watch band is also pretty bulky in appearance. It has its own battery good for about a week of use between charges. Innomdle Lab was looking for $50,000 in funding, but it’s already around $400,000 as of this posting with a month still to go. Most of the early bird perks are gone, but you can still get one for $129. The company says it will ship in February 2017.last_img

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