Former MP CM Babulal Gaur cremated with full state honours

first_imgBhopal: The mortal remains of former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Babulal Gaur were consigned to flames here on Wednesday. Governor Lalji Tandon, Union ministers Narendra Singh Tomar, Thawarchand Gehlot and Nityanand Rai, BJP vice president Shivraj Singh Chouhan and state BJP chief Rakesh Singh were among those present along with hundreds of party workers. Gaur was cremated at Subhash Nagar crematorium with full state honours. The last rites were performed by his grandson Akash. The veteran BJP leader died due to cardiac arrest on Wednesday morning at a private hospital here. The Congress government in Madhya Pradesh declared a three-day mourning in the state. The government also declared a half-day holiday at all government offices on Wednesday. Chief minister Kamal Nath and many state ministers visited Gaur’s house here in the morning to pay homage.last_img read more

Edmonton shop displays gingerbread Hogwarts Castle

first_imgEDMONTON (CITYNEWS) – Fans of Harry Potter will be able to see a to-scale Hogwarts Castle in Edmonton–made entirely of gingerbread.This 1 to 100 replica on display at Duchess Bake Shop on 124 Street was based on the castle in London where the third installment, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, was shot, according to its creators. The masterpiece is a result of the efforts of designer and architect Garner Beggs and decorator Kelsey Johnson.“We started the design process back in August and it took a long time to figure it out,” he told CityNews. “It took many, many, many, many hours of baking gingerbread, cutting it out. And then Kelsey spent many, many hours piping and decorating and getting it all done.”He says “several hundreds of hours” were spent perfecting the structure–he even had enough time to listen to all the Harry Potter audio books and them some additional podcasts. This is the fourth project the pair took on, but this one stands apart from previous ones as it’s actually part of a fundraiser.Here’s the #gingerbreadhouse to beat this year!This #Hogwarts took hundreds of hours to make, and is all edible. By @duchessbakeshop , fundraiser for @BissellCentre (bring your socks and feast your eyes on it until January 13!) #yeg— Carly Robinson (@CarlyDRobinson) November 17, 2018When you zoom over on your Nimbus200 too see the castle, you’re asked to bring a donation of new socks or underwear for the Bissell Centre.“This time of year there’s a really big need for fresh, clean socks. Personally, I love putting on a nice, new pair of socks in the morning and I think a lot of us take that for granted. But if you get your socks wet and if you don’t have anywhere to go warm up and you don’t have a new pair of socks to put on or you don’t have money to go do laundry, it’s a really awful thing to trudge around all day in old socks.”Not only is there a need for socks, but it also fits with the Harry Potter theme. Fans will likely remember the moment at the end of the second episode (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) where Harry gifts house-elf Dobby a sock, effectively setting him free of his master family the Malfoys.If you bring a donation to the bakery, you will be entered in a draw to “become Voldemort” and destroy the castle at the end of the drive.“I’d love to see over 1,000 socks donated to the Bissell Centre this year. I think that would be tremendous.”Johnson says it’s satisfying to see it all come together. “There are new things to look at each different step you take around the table. You see new faces and new facets…I’m a Harry Potter nerd so I was like, ‘we need to have all the house represented with coloured tiles and we need to have the bridge and lanterns going down to the boat area and the greenhouses,’” she said.WATCH: Beggs and Johnson talk about their creation She says there are lots of easter eggs for other Harry Potter fans to find in the castle. Beggs says the project didn’t come without challenges–the biggest ones being the tower, which he had to build in three separate parts and then glue together with sugar glue, and then the trestle bridge.“I may have dropped [it] after I built the first one and that one almost broke me. That was a hard day.” Sounds like Beggs could’ve used Hermoine’s Time Turner that day.The duo also glued on the thousands of individual hand-died, hand-cut gum paste tiles, with the help of other bakery staff. If only there was a spell to help build the castle.The castle will be on display until Jan. 13.-with files from Carly Robinsonlast_img read more

Thomson Reuters commits US100 million for enlarged tech hub at Duncan House

first_imgTORONTO – Thomson Reuters (TSX:TRI) will spend about US$100 million to house its new technology hub at a Toronto complex that’s being built for occupation in 2021.The multinational information services company has agreed to lease all of the office space at the new Duncan House to be built at 19 Duncan Street.The multi-use complex will be able to house up to 1,500 employees for the Thomson Reuters technology hub, which was announced last year.Thomson Reuters said a year ago that it would move some corporate functions to Toronto and tap into the city’s burgeoning technology expertise.It currently expects to have hired up to 200 people this year and another 200 by the end of 2018, to be housed at the centre’s temporary Toronto site.The US$100-million commitment announced Wednesday includes both capital investments and a 12-year lease starting when occupancy begins.Allied Properties REIT (TSX:AP.UN) and Westbank have begun construction of a new building that will integrate a heritage structure.Besides about 146,000 square feet of office space, to be leased by Thomson Reuters, the complex will have retail space and 462 rental residential units.last_img read more

Saad Lamjarred Nominated for 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017

Rabat – The multiple rape accusations against Saad Lamjarred do not appear to be hampering his global fame . The Moroccan pop singer has been selected by TC Candler  as a candidate for the “100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017.”The singer of ‘Lma3llem’ and ‘Ana Machi Sahel’ is in a beauty competition with the likes of George Clooney, Enrique Iglesias, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.Showcasing the Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces since 1990, TC Candler page posted a picture of Lamjarred on its Instagram page yesterday as a candidate in the competition. In less than 24 hours his picture received over 3,700 likes and 1,000 comments. Fans showed support and encouragement, with one writing that they “know that he is going to win.”A large number of Arab artists have been selected to participate in the competition, including Yasmin Sabri, Leith Aboujouda, Nancy Ajram, Zafer El Abidine, and Nasreen Tafesh.TC Candler continues to nominate stars on a daily basis, and other Arab artists are expected to enter the list of candidates.The names of the winner  and their ranking will be revealed on September 27.The Moroccan singer is currently living under electronic police surveillance, after being arrested in October under suspicion of sexual assault. He was released from prison in April but was ordered to remain France until his trial.Lamjarred was prosecuted for similar charges in the United States in 2010. His alleged victim’s lawyer said he fled the US as soon as he posted for bail.Prior to his recent arrest, Lamjarred had become the most successful Moroccan singer of his generations, with his songs reaching dozens of millions of views on YouTube.His series of hit songs led him to win the Lebanese music award Murex d’Or twice, in 2016 and 2017. read more

Security Council mission releases report on its visit to Ethiopia and Eritrea

In the report released today at UN Headquarters in New York, the Council welcomes the statements by the two countries reaffirming that the decision on boundary issues by an independent commission “is final and binding,” and emphasized that implementing the findings should take place in an orderly manner without any unilateral actions by either side. “The international community attaches the highest importance to this decision and praises the resolution by peaceful means of the border conflict,” the report says. “The commitments of both parties [to the decision of the Boundary Commission] represent a pivotal measure of their dedication to the peace process.” The delegation, led by Ambassador Ole Peter Kolby of Norway, travelled last week to both countries for talks with authorities in Addis Ababa and Asmara, as well as officials from the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE). The delegation urges, however, both sides to refrain from any action that could have destabilizing effects, including population movements and movements of troops and militia, until procedures for transfer of territorial control are agreed upon. The report also stresses the importance of demining efforts as an essential prerequisite to border demarcation, and urges the two countries to cooperate fully in fulfilling their responsibilities in this regard, as called for in the peace accord. As for the UN presence, the delegation strongly commends UNMEE’s contribution, in cooperation with both sides, towards the situation of the people, especially in the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ), a demilitarized buffer area between the two countries. “The mission is encouraged by the progress made thus far,” the delegation writes, adding that in the crucial period ahead, it will be particularly important that the Special Representative of Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Legwaila Joseph Legwaila, has easy accessibility to both sides in order to discuss the further steps to be taken. The Council is expected to discuss the report in an open meeting next week. read more

Preparatory session for UN global conference on landlocked countries opens

The preparatory panel for an upcoming global conference seeking to address the challenges of developing landlocked countries opened its first session today at United Nations Headquarters in New York.The weeklong Intergovernmental Preparatory Committee follows regional meetings that were held earlier this year in Paraguay, Thailand and Ethiopia, and is also expected to take up organizational matters, including the election of the Bureau and the format of the conference. It will also consider the draft final outcome document of the meeting.Without access to ocean ports, landlocked countries face major obstacles in importing essential items and exporting their own goods. Distance from major international markets, cumbersome transit procedures and inadequate transport infrastructure add costs to external trade transactions that sometimes exceed the value of the products themselves.Moreover, the growth of the per capita gross domestic product (GDP) in landlocked countries has been, for the past decade, slower than in nations designated as least developed countries. Nine of the 12 countries with the lowest rankings in last year’s Human Development Index are landlocked.The International Ministerial Conference of Landlocked and Transit Developing Countries in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from 28 to 29 August, seeks to negotiate systematic improvements of those problems through cooperation with transit nations – those situated between landlocked countries and the seas – donors and multilateral agencies.Conference deliberations are expected to focus on freedom of access to the seas, infrastructure development, efficiency of transport operations and international support measures. read more

UN refugee agency raises nearly 400 million in pledges towards 106 billion

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) received $365.6 million in firm pledges at the gathering in Geneva, while a further $28.2 million was pledged in writing before the meeting began, allowing agency operations to continue uninterrupted into 2007. Beyond the initial $1.06 billion goal, UNHCR expects to issue a number of supplementary appeals during the year, including for Iraq and south Sudan. Its global appeal for 2006 was $1.15 billion, but with supplementary appeals the year’s budget reached $1.47 billion. “A billion dollars sounds like a lot of money but it is equivalent to just a dollar a week for each of the 21 million people we help,” High Commissioner António Guterres told the donors. “When you consider the huge needs of those fleeing the horrors of Darfur, Iraq and Somalia and those in protracted refugee situations like Thailand and Pakistan, it is really not a large sum of money.” The 21 million people of concern to UNHCR include 8.6 million refugees, 6.6 million internally displaced persons (IDPs), 1.6 million returnees, 770,000 asylum seekers and 2.3 million stateless people. The largest programmes for 2007 are Chad ($69 million), Afghanistan ($52 million), Liberia ($32 million), Kenya ($32 million) and Tanzania ($24.3 million). read more

Ban nondisclosure agreements on workplace sexual harassment says EHRC

first_imgNon-disclosure agreements about sexual harassment in the workplace should be banned, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has said. The EHRC has called on the Government to introduce legislation stopping employers from ignoring complaints to protect their reputation.The commission said it had discovered “truly shocking” examples of sexual harassment, including a 17-year-old who locked herself in a toilet after men “joked” about rape, and a woman who revealed she lost her job, her reputation and her health.It also said firms should not use non-disclosure agreements to sweep sexual harassment under the carpet.There should be a new legal duty on employers to prevent harassment or victimisation, as well as more protection for victims, said the EHRC.It also suggested that managers should be given training on how to tackle any problems.It has written to “leading employers” including those in the FTSE 100 and top “magic circle” law firms, setting their legal duties towards their employees and asking for evidence of their policies and practice.Rebecca Hilsenrath, chief executive of the EHRC, said: “We set out to discover how sexual harassment at work is dealt with by employers and how it is experienced by individuals. What we found was truly shocking.”There is a lack of consistent, effective action being taken by employers, and people’s careers and mental and physical health have been damaged as a result.”Corrosive cultures have silenced individuals and sexual harassment has been normalised. We underestimate extent and we are complacent as to impact.”We need urgent action to turn the tables in British workplaces, shifting from the current culture of people risking their jobs and health in order to report harassment, to placing the onus on employers to prevent and resolve it.”It cannot be right that millions of people go to work fearing what might have happened by the time they come home.”The recommendations were drawn up following evidence from nearly 1,000 individuals and employers, which found that the most common perpetrator of harassment was a senior colleague, while one in five of those responding had been harassed by a customer or client. In around half of cases where an incident was reported, employers took no action as a result. When action was taken this was often detrimental for the person who reported the issue. The recommendations said the Government should legislate to make contracts barring employees from talking about harassment or discrimination void.The Government should also survey employees every three years to get a better sense of the nature and scale of sexual harassment at work. Sam Smethers, chief executive of the Fawcett Society, commented: “No woman should face humiliation, intimidation or harassment at work.”Sadly it’s becoming increasingly clear not only that it’s an all too common experience but that far too many employers are turning a blind eye or even silencing victims of harassment.”Young Women’s Trust chief executive Dr Carole Easton said: “Reporting sexual harassment can be hard and particularly so if you are in a junior role, on low pay or in insecure work, for fear of losing your job and your income. This has to change.”We have heard a huge amount of testimonies that show how widespread this problem is but so far we have seen very little action.”Employers have come under pressure to protect their employees from harassment and abuse following allegations that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein had sexually harassed and assaulted female actresses. Subsequent sexual harassment scandals have engulfed Parliament and several high-profile businesses across the City and other sectors. In some cases non-disclosure agreements have been used to prevent complainants from speaking out about their experiences. A Government spokesperson said: “This Government condemns all forms of workplace harassment, which is unlawful under the Equality Act. We are looking at all aspects of this wholly unacceptable behaviour, including the use of non-disclosure agreements.“We welcome the EHRC’s input into the debate about sexual harassment. We believe existing laws provide protection for both men and women in the working environment; however, we will continue to keep the operation of the legislation under review, to ensure that it works as intended.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

DuPont seeks to tackle minings dust problems

first_imgAs part of its Environmental Management offering, DuPont Sustainable Solutions is introducing a new dust management solution for mining. The company argues that a holistic, and integrated approach to dust management is one of the most effective and sustainable ways to mitigate the multitude of risks posed by dust emissions that threaten the mining and other dust-emitting industries.The group states: “Controlling fugitive dust emissions is a perennial and important issue for the mining community and other industries that produce dust.  Dust emissions have health, safety, environmental, community and licence to operate implications.  While there are a wide range of dust management solutions and dust suppression products available, there is no single solution that addresses all dust generation scenarios. By taking a holistic and integrated approach the new DuPont dust management solution will provide mining companies with technical and management solutions complemented with dust suppression products to deliver effective and sustainable dust management solutions.”In recent years, DuPont has received Environmental Management and Dust Control Technology awards in Australia for its work with Anglo Coal Australia in reducing dust emissions from coal trains by as much as 90%. DuPont was awarded its second Environmental Management Award in 2011 for work with Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS), the world’s largest coal export port. DuPont helped PWCS develop and implement a holistic dust management solution across all of the major operations on the site.  At the core of the solution was an Intelligent Dust Management System that actively analyses a range of critical parameters that cause dust emissions, determines the risk and proactively applies mitigation actions to prevent dust generation from happening. As a result dust emissions were reduced to some of the lowest levels on record for the site.The company states: “A number of factors ranging from how and where the dust is generated, to climate, location, environmental considerations, cost and ease of use influence the approach to dust control. Add to that the vast range of different dust suppression products available, from synthetic polymers to water absorbing salts, and petroleum to enzyme, clay or organic based products and you have a situation that is anything but simple.”In an effort to address some of these issues, collaborative research is being conducted by DuPont and the University of Wollongong, near Sydney, in a project that is also supported by the Australian Research Council (ARC). Currently, there is no standard test to compare the performance of dust suppression products, nor is there a unified test for the ‘dustiness’ of a product in mining countries around the world. The project aims to establish a unified approach to testing dust suppression products and to make their comparison more meaningful. Furthermore, the research is looking to develop dust suppression agents that are environmentally sustainable as well as effective.“Fugitive dust emission can occur during any of the stages in mining, stone crushing or cement production, transportation or storage. As such, dust should be tackled via a holistic and integrated approach and not be treated as a problem for the safety, environment, production or operation teams to manage. Everyone on site has a responsibility,” Dr Leong Mar of DuPont Sustainable Solutions warns. “Once dust particles are generated and become airborne, it does not matter in which part of the site they originated, they become a problem for the whole site.”last_img read more

Microsoft lancement expérimental dInternet Explorer 9

first_imgMicrosoft : lancement expérimental d’Internet Explorer 9Microsoft tente de sauver les meubles. Alors que son navigateur web Internet Explorer est passé en dessous de la barre des 60% de parts de marché, il a procédé au lancement expérimental de sa nouvelle version, logiquement appelée Internet Explorer 9. Depuis hier “IE9 Platform Preview” est accessible aux développeurs. Cette version est en principe capable de mieux exploiter le langage HTML5, proposant aux utilisateurs un affichage des sites web plus rapide. IE9 devrait également être plus performant qu’IE8 en ce qui concerne le langage de programmation Javascript. Internet Explorer a vu dernièrement sa part de marché dégringoler : de 75% en août 2008, elle est passée à 59,95% récemment, selon les données du cabinet de marketing Net Applications. Le navigateur Firefox de Mozilla, qui possède près d’un quart des parts de marché, le menace sévèrement. Situé juste derrière : Chrome, le navigateur de Google lancé fin 2008 et qui cumule 6,73% des parts de marché. De plus, depuis mars dernier, les utilisateurs de Windows ont vu apparaître le “ballot screen”, un écran qui leur donne le choix entre différents navigateurs web, et notamment Chrome et Mozilla, les plus sérieux concurrents d’IE. Le 6 mai 2010 à 11:40 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

HP est le fabricant le plus respectueux de lenvironnement selon Greenpeace

first_imgHP est le fabricant le plus respectueux de l’environnement, selon GreenpeaceGreenpeace vient tout juste de publier la 17e édition de son classement des fabricants de nouvelles technologies les plus écolos. Hewlett Packard se place en tête du podium quand Research in Motion tombe en bas du classement.  Comme chaque année, Greenpeace a dressé son classement 2011 (lien non disponible) des fabricants de nouvelles technologies les plus soucieux de l’environnement. Cette 17e édition couronne le fabricant Hewlett Packard en hausse de trois places comparé au précédent classement. Avec une note au dessus de la moyenne (5.9/10), HP a été salué notamment pour ses efforts en matière de consommation d’énergie et de développement durable mais il peut tout de même s’améliorer en matière d’écologie, a jugé Greenpeace. À lire aussiJournée mondiale de l’environnement : Quelques astuces pour un mode de vie plus écolo au bureau Dell se classe à la seconde position avec une note de 5,1/10, en particulier grâce au souhait de l’entreprise de réduire ses émissions de CO2 de 40% avant 2015. A noter que Dell et HP sont les deux seuls fabricants à se hisser au-delà de la moyenne. En troisième position, vient ensuite Nokia qui perd deux places depuis l’an dernier avec une note de 4,9/10. Quant à la quatrième place, elle revient à Apple qui effectue une belle progression de cinq places : malgré son 4,6/10, la firme à la pomme a fait de nombreux progrès en matière de produits “verts” mais reste décevante du côté énergétique. Le reste du classement voit se succéder dans l’ordre : Philips (4,5), Sony Ericsson (4,2), Samsung (4,1), Lenovo (3,8), Panasonic (3,6), Sony (3,6), Sharp (3), Acer (2,9), LG Electronics (2,8), Toshiba (2,8) et enfin Research in Motion qui obtient le bonnet d’âne avec une note de 1,6 sur 10 pour des performances environnementales bien inférieures comparées à celles de ses concurrents directs. Certains ont donc encore du travail dans leur quête de respect de l’environnement, selon Greenpeace. Le 14 novembre 2011 à 19:31 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Des grands singes présents en Europe il y a 7 millions dannées

first_imgDes grands singes présents en Europe il y a 7 millions d’annéesPubliant leur étude dans le Journal of Human Evolution, des chercheurs européens ont découvert en Bulgarie une prémolaire de grand singe datant d’une époque où on les croyait déjà disparus d’Europe depuis 2 millions d’années. De quoi relancer le débat sur l’origine uniquement africaine de la grande famille des Hominidés…Une équipe de chercheurs allemands, bulgares et français, dirigée par Madelaine Böhme, du Centre d’étude de l’évolution humaine de l’Université de Tübingen (Allemagne), a mis au jour près de Chirpan, en Bulgarie, une prémolaire de grand singe vieille de 7 millions d’années. Soit plus de 2 millions d’années après la date supposée de leur disparition en Europe à cause de changements climatiques.À lire aussiCet étrange fossile retrouvé dans les profondeurs de l’océan ressemble à la créature légendaire CthulhuL’étude de l’usure et l’analyse chimique (isotopique) de l’émail de cette dent montrent que les grands singes sont loin d’avoir totalement disparu il y a 9 millions d’années faute de trouver leur nourriture dans une Europe devenue plus sèche. En vérité, ils auraient survécu en consommant grain, herbe, noix et autres aliments issus de la savane : le nouveau couvert végétal de leur habitat. Une hypothèse d’ailleurs confirmée par les restes fossiles d’éléphants, de girafes et d’antilopes trouvés également sur les lieux.La découverte ravive ainsi l’attention des spécialistes de l’origine des Hominidés (hommes, grands singes, et leurs ancêtres) sur l’Eurasie, comme alternative au berceau africain exclusif, actuellement encore largement admis. Le 13 janvier 2012 à 16:22 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Sgnl watch band lets you make calls using a finger

first_imgDo you remember when Bluetooth headsets became a thing and everyone joked about how dumb we all looked talking on them? Well, that’s nothing compared to Sgnl, a new smart watch band currently raising funds on Kickstarter. It transmits audio through your hand, letting you take calls by putting your finger in your ear. It sounds like a fake product designed for an April Fool’s prank, but this appears to be the real deal.The strap can be installed on any watch that uses standard lugs, which includes most smartwatches and regular mechanical watches. It pairs with your phone over Bluetooth likes any other wireless headset, but instead of having a speaker you jam in your ear, it has a body conduction unit (BCU). An actuator generates a vibration that travels through your hand and into your ear (when you stick your finger in it). The device also amplifies the wavelengths to transmit voice signals effectively.The company behind Singl, Innomdle Lab, began as a part of Samsung’s C-LAB program. It was spun off from Samsung in 2015, and is now looking to bring its technology to the market with some help from Kickstarter.Innomdle Lab is still close with Samsung, though. Representatives from the company are on hand at Samsung’s IFA booth this week demoing Sgnl. People who have tried it say the product works as advertised, but the audio quality isn’t amazing. It sounds like an old timey radio broadcast. So, Sgnl might work, but you’re going to look legitimately crazy using it. The watch band is also pretty bulky in appearance. It has its own battery good for about a week of use between charges. Innomdle Lab was looking for $50,000 in funding, but it’s already around $400,000 as of this posting with a month still to go. Most of the early bird perks are gone, but you can still get one for $129. The company says it will ship in February 2017.last_img read more

Morphite is No Metroids Sky

first_img ‘Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball FormSNES Games Officially Come to Nintendo Switch Stay on target If you have a Nintendo Switch, chances are you also have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The new Zelda is a massive, phenomenal game that you can and should play for dozens of hours. But eventually, you’re going to want to play something new on your Nintendo console/handheld hybrid. Switch Games That Aren’t Zelda is a new column highlighting cool, smaller Switch games to check out once you’ve saved Hyrule.Considering it only came out last year (and arguably still hasn’t reached a finished state), it’s kind of crazy to me how many games have already ripped off Hello Games’ massively hyped and ultimately pretty good No Man’s Sky. But considering the game was in the public eye for so long, apparently that gave games like Lego Worlds and now Morphite plenty of time to figure out how to emulate its infinite, procedurally generated, minimalist planet-hopping sci-fi exploration.But calling either of those games a rip-off isn’t totally fair. Lego Worlds has an extensive brick-building system along with the space travels. Meanwhile, Morphite’s other major influence will be very familiar to Nintendo fans who play the game on Switch. Until Metroid Prime 4 actually becomes a real game, this is the closest you’ll get to a new first-person Samus adventure.Let’s start with the No Man’s Sky comparisons, since they are a little more obvious. Morphite lets you fly around a universe landing on any number of planets. The trippy, pastel, angular geometric art style ensures that the creatures and plants and rock formations you find still look cool even though they are being created on the fly by math. Occasionally you’ll find a village of natives with a side mission to complete like racing around the canyon on the back of a giant snake or roasting some marshmallows. But your primary task on each planet is to take in the scenery and scan as many new things possible.You can then take those scans to your local space station and trade them for various upgrades. Common scans will earn you straight-up cash, which you’ll need for smooth exploring. Traveling to farther planets burns up more fuel, and while fuel slowly regenerates, you can also pay to immediately refuel. You’ll also occasionally engage with enemy ships and can pay to upgrade the guns and defenses on your craft.With rarer scans, though, you can upgrade your character for better exploration on the ground. Increase your heat resistance to land on hotter planets without instantly dying. Increase your scanner speed to scan more hostile, erratic animals. You can upgrade your guns, too, for when it’s time to just go all Metroid II on a planet.Exploring planets and working towards these meta goals make for some pretty fun loops if you choose to engage with them. It just kind of sucks when the game forces you to return to the more randomized content in order to progress when you’re in the middle of the scripted campaign. But it is nice knowing you always have this endless material to return to.Besides its less-than-elegant interplay with the game’s open-ended nature, the campaign itself is a surprisingly cool casual shooter. It’s not just scanning that brings back Metroid Prime memories. The planets you visit for the campaign are all handcrafted, and they are moody isolated alien environments where nature has taken over once-great civilizations. There’s a lot of platforming as well, made tolerable by floaty jumps that make sense for the space setting.Like Metroid, Morphite also features a bunch of puzzle-solving that makes use of various new guns you discover. Along with standard plasma pistols and auto-rifles, you can use a grapple gun, a charged laser beam, ion grenades, and even a robot dog turret. Using these tools is satisfying, even if the game is never too tough during a puzzle or boss fight. An unfortunate exception is a staff that conjures temporary platforms beneath you. It’s a clever idea but the late-game jumping puzzles that require it are easily some of the worst sections in the game.Morphite’s campaign has a fair amount of story and it’s kind of a mixed bag. I like that it’s fully voiced, particular the performance of the player character Myrah Kale. Plus, your sassy feline robot Kitcat is great in an Interstellar kind of way. But something about the tone of the storytelling seems childish in a way that undercuts the atmospheric vibe of the gameplay and genuine sense of mystery surrounding Morphite itself, a powerful living mineral like Metroid’s Phazon.Morphite may not be the most original game, but being a modest imitation of something as ambitious as No Man’s Sky or masterful as Metroid Prime means that Morphite is still a pretty good game. It’s a nice surprise in a holiday season already packed with too many fantastic Switch games. But seriously, where’s Metroid Prime 4?Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch.Buy it now!Super Mario OdysseyThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildNintendo SwitchProtect Your Nintendo Switch With These Awesome CasesView as: One Page Slides1/51. Morphite is a sci-fi shooter on Switch that’s like a casual combination of No Man’s Sky and Metroid Prime.2. Fly across an infinite universe of procedurally generated planets.3. Or tackle the story mode full of puzzle-solving and boss fights.4. The scripted and randomized portions of the game don’t always come together elegantly.5. But considering the quality of its influences, Morphite still ends up being a pretty good game and a nice surprise.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Soy Growers Urge Surface Transportation Board to Take Action on Declining Rail

first_imgSoy growers and several other groups are urging the Surface Transportation Board (STB) to take action and find the causes for continually deteriorating rail service provided by the CSX Transportation Co. (CSXT).The American Soybean Association, as part of the Ag Transporation Working Group, signed a letter to STB this week, encouraging them to press the CSXT for its plan to rectify the harm it has caused to its customers over the past few months and restore service to levels that comply with CSXT’s statutory obligations.“Farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses and the food industry rely heavily upon freight rail to move agricultural products from geographically diverse sources of production to domestic and export markets, as well as to provide critical farm inputs like fertilizer, seed and agricultural chemicals to producers,” the groups state in the letter. “Unfortunately, starting in June, a wide range and growing number of agricultural facilities and manufacturing plants dependent upon CSXT have experienced an alarming and precipitous degradation in rail service that worsened in July and shows no sign of abating.”Issues have been reported in multiple states. A key area of concern for soy growers is delays in train placements have led to reduced oilseed processing crush levels at numerous plants and/or resulted in critical plant shutdowns.last_img read more

Is the new City Hall too elegant

first_imgAs the confetti is swept up and the last piece of celebratory cake is eaten, government workers are settling into the beautiful new Vancouver City Hall.OK, I missed the open house party last Saturday, so I’m not certain about the confetti and cake. But if it wasn’t there, it should have been, right?I mean this joint is the cat’s meow.And I should know. I worked there for a year. But difficult economic times forced The Columbian to put the building into the hands of the bank and the city ended up buying it from the bank for about half what it cost to build.There’s no question the city got a great deal on the building. And city officials say it also will save taxpayers about $1 million a year. (Hey, if you wait by your mailbox, I’m pretty certain your cut of the savings will be coming soon.)• o oNow I don’t want to drizzle on anyone’s parade but am I the only one who is thinking that maybe, just maybe, the new City Hall is (dramatic pause required here) too nice?last_img read more

UA president discusses search for new individual campus leadership

first_imgUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks (Creative Commons photo by Jimmy Emerson)A University of Alaska Anchorage provost will serve as interim UAA chancellor while a search is conducted to replace outgoing chancellor Tom Case.Listen nowAnchorage campus Provost Samuel Gingrich will fill in after Chancellor Case retires June 30th. UA President Jim Johnsen shared the news Monday during a special regents meeting.”Given the continuity of leadership that Provost Gingrich provides, my plan is to commence the search in the fall,” Johnsen said.A similar nationwide search at the University of Alaska Fairbanks yielded 4 chancellor finalists last month.They are U.S. Global Change Research Program Director J. Michael Kuperberg, Scripps Institution of Oceanography director emeritus Tony Haymet, former Fort Hays State University president Mirta Martin, and current University of Alaska vice president for academic affairs and research Dan White.President Johnsen hopes to have a decision finalized by May 23rd.The UAF Chancellor’s post has been filled on an interim basis since the 2015 retirement of Brian Rogers.President Johnsen said the plan is to have a permanent chancellor in place by July 1st.last_img read more

Pakistan kills 100 militants after Sufi shrine blast

first_imgA Pakistani policeman stands guard as Muslims offer Friday prayers on a street in Karachi on Friday, following bomb attack on a shrine of 13th century Muslim Sufi saint Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in the town of Sehwan in Sindh province. Photo: AFPPakistani forces said Friday they had killed more than 100 “terrorists” after 88 people died in an attack claimed by the Islamic State group on a Sufi shrine which stoked fears of a fresh surge in militancy.The devastating blast came after a series of bloody extremist assaults this week, including a powerful Taliban suicide bomb in the eastern city of Lahore which killed 13 people and wounded dozens.Prime minister Nawaz Sharif and army chief of staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa Friday visited the town of Sehwan in Sindh province where the latest attack took place.Sharif vowed to eliminate militants “with the full force of the state”.Pakistan’s military later said operations were in progress across the country. “Over 100 terrorists have been killed since last night”, it said, adding others had been detained.The emergence of Islamic State group (IS) and a Taliban resurgence would be a major blow to Pakistan, and the attacks have dented growing optimism over security after a decade-long war on militancy.Police Friday cordoned off the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, a 13th century Muslim saint, in Sehwan, some 200 kilometres (124 miles) northeast of financial hub Karachi.The centuries-old shrine’s white floor was smeared with blood, scattered with shoes, shawls, and baby bottles.At 3.30 am the shrine’s caretaker stood among the carnage and defiantly rang its bell, a daily ritual that he vowed to continue, telling AFP he will “not bow down to terrorists”.Health officials said the number of people killed in the shrine blast had jumped to 88, including at least 20 children, making it the deadliest attack in Pakistan since a 2014 assault on a Peshawar school.Islamabad has denied the presence of IS, despite several high-profile attacks and the group’s apparent affiliation with homegrown militants, such as the banned Sunni sectarian organisation Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ).“I think they (IS) are capable of doing this” with help from homegrown groups, security expert Amir Rana said of the shrine bombing, as analyst Imtiaz Gul warned the group would claim more such attacks.Gul also warned there are “visible signs” that factions of the umbrella Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP, or Pakistani Taliban), which is distinct from the Afghan Taliban, are regrouping after a military crackdown.TTP faction Jamaat-ul-Ahrar claimed the Lahore attack on Monday, days after it announced a fresh offensive. Two members of a bomb disposal team in Quetta, capital of southwestern Balochistan province, were killed the same day defusing a device there.‘Intense’ wave of attacksOn Wednesday four suicide bombers struck in one day in the tribal areas and on a van carrying judges in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial capital Peshawar, killing six people in attacks also claimed by the TTP.An IED attack in Balochistan which killed three soldiers Thursday unnerved Pakistanis further, while gunmen on motorcycles killed four policemen and a civilian in the northwest overnight Friday.Rana predicted the “intense” wave of TTP attacks would continue, saying security forces had failed to crack the militants’ operational infrastructure, especially in cities.But both the military and the foreign office said the recent attacks had been carried out from sanctuaries in Afghanistan, and that Kabul had been asked to take action. Neither referred specifically to the IS claim.Pakistan’s push against extremism was stepped up after the country’s deadliest ever attack, a TTP assault on a school in Peshawar in 2014 which left more than 150 people dead—mostly children.Critics have long argued the military and government crackdown does not address the root causes of extremism.Security officials said at least 18 terrorists had been killed in Sindh province overnight, and 13 more in the country’s northwest.Pakistanis vented their grief and fury at the bombings on social media and with small protests in some cities.“The government should identify and punish these terrorists,” Ghulam Shabbir Bhatti, a resident of Sehwan, said.“Sunnis, Shias, Hindus, ppl from all faiths visit Sehwan… This is an attack on our identity & culture,” wrote Twitter user Zahraa Saifullah.Sufism, a mystic Islamic order that believes in living saints, worships through music and is viewed as heretical by some hardline groups.IS has targeted Sufi shrines in Pakistan previously, killing 52 at a shrine in Balochistan last year.last_img read more

Scientists say plants can remember properties of light

first_img Citation: Scientists say plants can remember properties of light (2010, July 16) retrieved 18 August 2019 from More information: via BBC This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further The images showed chemical reactions in leaves that were not exposed to light ( — Researchers in Poland say plants are able to remember and react to information on light intensity and quality by transmitting information from leaf to leaf. © 2010 Internal clock, external light regulate plant growth The scientists, led by Professor Stanislaw Karpinski of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, used fluorescence imaging to view the response of specimens of the Arabidopsisa plant to light shone on them. They found that when light was shone on one leaf at the bottom of the plant the entire plant responded. The response, in the form of a cascade of chemical reactions induced by the light, continued even after the light source was removed, suggesting the plant was remembering the information contained in the light.Karpinski and colleagues discovered that when light is shone on a leaf a chemical reaction begins in one leaf cell and the reaction is immediately signaled to the rest of the plant by photo-electro-physiological signals (PEPS) from specialized cells called bundle sheath cells. Karpinski said the cells function in a similar way to a nervous system in animals.Professor Karpinski said animals have a “network of neurons, synapses, electro-physiological circuits and memory, but plants have their network of chloroplasts (connected by stromules), photo-electro-physiological signals transduced by bundle sheath cells, and cellular light memory.”Another discovery made by the team was that the plants responded differently to red, white and blue light. Karpinski thought the different responses might produce chemical reactions that protected the plant against disease. To test this idea the team shone light on the plant for an hour and then infected it with either bacteria or viruses.The results showed that if plants were infected before having the light shone on them there was no resistance to the disease, but if the light was shone on them for an hour and then they were infected 24 hours later, the plants did resist the infection. Karpinski said this demonstrated exposure to the light built up the plant’s immunity to pathogens, and that they were able to adjust to varying light conditions. Karpinski said that the quality of light varies from season to season and it appears the plants might use the information in the light to determine the season and immunize themselves against diseases prevalent at that time of year.The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology in Prague, Czech Republic.last_img read more

Live Armed police shop burglary murder hunt and more breaking news

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Send your videos to video@trinitymirror.comWelcome to The Sentinel’s breaking news service bringing you all the latest updates from Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire on Thursday, April 12. Our team of reporters will be updating this live service with all the latest on the weather, traffic and travel as well as news, sport and entertainment through the day. We’ll be bringing you the very latest updates in our live news feed below. For the latest news and breaking news visit . Get all the big headlines, pictures, analysis, opinion and video on the stories that matter to you. Follow us on Twitter @ Sotlive – the official Sentinel account – real news in real time. We’re also on – your must-see news, features, videos and pictures throughout Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire & South Cheshire. Key EventsMadeley pub fire18:57Masked men target shop18:18Hunt continues for teenager following murder12:55Two Staffordshire branches of Carpetright to close09:5123:04End of live reportingAnd that is the end of today’s live blog brought to you by the StokeonTrentLive team. Live reporting will resume tomorrow.22:13M6 southboundThe M6 southbound between junction 15, Stoke-on-Trent, and junction 14, Stafford North, closed at 10pm because of overnight roadworks. The carriageway will reopen at 5pm. A diversion is in place via the A500 and A34.22:05Fire station updatesThe city’s major fire stations have not reported any major incidents since firefighters swapped shifts at 7pm.20:42Weather forecastTomorrow is looking like it could be a wet day with up to 10 hours of rain forecast.The Met Office says there is a 90 per cent chance of rain at around 4am in Stoke-on-Trent that could well last into the late afternoon.It looks as though things could clear up around 2pm.The forecaster said: “It will be a damp, cloudy start on Friday with areas of hill fog and drizzle. Cloud will lift and break up later in the afternoon. Maximum temperature 11 °C. “After a murky start on Saturday, there will be sunshine and isolated showers later. Showery rain and brighter spells are expected on Sunday; then largely dry and sunny on Monday.”19:55Police to be issued cameras (Image: John Jenkins)Police officers could soon be wearing body worn video cameras to help boost the chances of convictions in the courts following a successful trial.Cheshire Police first introduced body cams for its firearms officers last year before the taser units and football spotters had a chance to don the kit earlier this month.But police and crime commissioner David Keane has now announced all frontline bobbies will have cameras by the end of the year. Read more.19:34A50 UttoxeterTraffic is slow and the A50 in Uttoxeter is partially blocked because firefighters were called to a van. Initial reports were of a lorry fire but firefighters confirmed it was a false report.A Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said: “We attended the A50 in Uttoxeter to a box van with a blown turbo. We attended and it was a false alarm.” 18:57KEY EVENTMadeley pub fire (Image: Simon White)A fire at a pub has caused a main road to close while firefighters from across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire tackle the blaze. Firefighters from Hanley, Sandyford, Newcastle, and Longton, rushed to the Offley Arms, in Poolside, Madeley , shortly after 5.20pm tonight (April 12) because of a building fire. Traffic monitoring company INRIX reported the blaze is located between New Road and Vicarage Lane. Read more.18:18KEY EVENTMasked men target shopA masked gang broke into a convenience store in the early hours of the morning in an attempt to steal a cash machine.Four men wearing balaclavas targeted the McColls branch in Congleton Road North, Scholar Green, shortly after 2am this morning (April 12).But they then fled the scene empty-handed. Read more. 17:59Ex-lorry driver’s incredible weight loss after ‘wake-up call’ heart attack and diabetes diagnosisRetired lorry driver Malcolm Hodgkinson had a much-needed ‘wake-up call’ when he suffered a heart attack – without even realising.But it took 16 more years, plus a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and underactive thyroid, before he took serious action on his weight.By the time he retired, in March last year, he’d ballooned to 16st 7lb.Find out how he lost it, and what he looks like now, in our full report. This is what Malcolm Hodgkinson looked like before his four stone weight loss (Image: Copyright Unknown)16:59Update on collapsed manholeThe Eastbound lane closure will be in place until at least Friday Morning, it has been confirmed. 16:28Collapsed manhole on A500One lane of the A500 is closed due to emergency repairs on the Eastbound stretch before M6 J16 (Crewe / Stoke-On-Trent). Traffic is coping well.Lane one (of two) has been shut.15:31There are even more benefit and pension changes coming to people in Stoke-on-Trent in 2018Earlier this month we revealed eight tax and benefit changes which will affect people in Stoke-on-Trent this year.But things are now being shaken-up even more than we thought, with additional changes being announced.As the new financial year begins this month, it’s worth being aware of what’s happening just in case it affects you.Find out more about the latest changes in our full story. 15:02Naked Attraction is looking for contestants – could you join former Stoke-on-Trent applicants?Naked Attraction is the saucy dating show where contestants strip off in the hope of finding love – and it’s looking for people from Stoke-on-Trent to take part.Now on its third series, the Channel 4 show is hosted by Anna Richardson.In a typical episode, singletons choose a date, from a selection of six people, after each of their bodies are revealed bit by bit.Last year details of the auditions in Stoke-on-Trent – unlike its contestants – were kept strictly under wraps. We do know they took place at a Hanley hotel. For details on how to enter this year, see our full story. Anna Richardson presents Naked Attraction on Channel 4 (Image: CHANNEL 4)14:37Busy roads in TunstallThere’s heavy traffic on A527 Brownhills Road Westbound between Pinnox Street and A500 Queensway / Longbridge Hayes Road (Porthill Bank) for the second day in a row. 13:43Jewellery and cash stolen during burglaryPolice are investigating after burglars stole cash and jewellery from a house on a busy estate. More here.12:55KEY EVENTHunt continues for teenager following murderTom Ward is wanted in connection with the death of Arthur Gumbley at his home in Sutton Coldfield in November 2017. More here.Tom Ward, left, is wanted in connection with the death of Arthur Gumbley (Image: Staffordshire Police)12:27Re-surfacing in Cliffe ValeResurfacing work and junction improvements on B5045 Shelton New Rd at A500 D Road.Various restrictions in place throughout the works including overnight closures. Until 21st May.11:03Polysterene causing delays on A53Heavy traffic and partially blocked due to polystyrene on road on A53 Eastbound around A5010 Etruria Road / Festival Way (Festival Park Roundabout).Police advise the road is still passable but to approach with care. (Image: Inrix)10:53Heavy traffic on the A500Queueing traffic and traffic heavier than normal on A500 D Road Southbound at A5007 City Road (City Road Interchange). 10:26Broken down vehicle in StaffordA Staffordshire Police spokesman said:We are currently assisting with a broken down vehicle on Weston Road, by the old University roundabout where it meets the Beaconside. The vehicle is in a live lane of traffic, and it is advised to use an alternate route if travelling this way.” 09:51KEY EVENTTwo Staffordshire branches of Carpetright to closeTwo Staffordshire branches of Carpetright are among the 92 stores set to close, it was announced today. More here.Carpetright in Stafford (Image: Google)09:3809:06A50 busy but movingA50 Westbound busy but moving from Meir Tunnel towards the A500 D Road (Sideway Roundabout).09:01Broken down lorry still causing delaysA500 Northbound exit slip road partially blocked due to broken down lorry at Alsager Road (Audley Turn Off). Traffic is coping well.08:38Road causing delays on A53 in Newcastle BoroughSlow traffic on A53 Whitmore Road in both directions at Seabridge Lane. In the roadworks area. 08:29Traffic queuing as result of broken down lorry Queueing traffic on A500 Eastbound at M6 J16 (Crewe / Stoke-On-Trent). 08:28Broken down lorry at junction 16 of M6Police are currently working to recover the lorry.A Staffordshire Police spokesman said:Our patrols are currently with a broken down HGV at Junction 16 of the M6. Recovery are with the vehicle at the moment and the road will be clear shortly.” 08:27Broken down lorry blocking slip road on A500 A500 Northbound exit slip road partially blocked due to broken down lorry at Alsager Road (Audley Turn Off). Traffic is coping well. (Image: Inrix)08:22Delays of 25 minutes on M6There are now delays of 25 minutes on the M6 Northbound due to an accident in Cheshire. More on that here.08:17Issues with Virgin Trains mobile app this morningA Virgin Trains spokesman said: We have been made aware of an issue with our mobile app where tickets are not showing or booking correctly. If you have an issue with this whilst travelling, please use your booking reference numbers to validate travel.” Watch Next Video Loading Video Unavailablecenter_img The video will start in 1Cancel Play now How to download The Sentinel’s new FREE app Video will play in  Share this videolast_img read more