first_img— Meeting company management in person and listening to them talk about their plans for the business is the best way I know of to predict its future stock price.Howard Schultz, founder and outgoing CEO, got a standing ovation. It was his last year in the CEO role and his second time stepping down from it. My suspicion after listening to him was that anyone taking over from Schultz didn’t stand a chance. You see, Howard Schultz is a megalomaniac. His ego is so large I could feel it on the third balcony of the auditorium. It’s impossible to run a company for the benefit of shareholders if you’re preoccupied with yourself. When Schultz introduced Kevin Johnson, his replacement, all I could think was this guy won’t be able to turn the lights on without Schultz saying something about it.So far it looks like my suspicion was accurate. Starbucks is a headless beast.Incidentally, these in-person observations are important. In 2004, I went to a small shareholder meeting of an insurance firm in North Carolina with my late grandfather. The firm was about to merge with larger insurance firm Lincoln National. The outgoing CEO was a charismatic gentleman named David Stonecipher. He was the kind of guy that made you feel like you were going to win… even when you didn’t know what the contest would be, or the rules. He just gave you that feeling.The incoming CEO had a weak handshake. I suspected he wore his cellphone on a belt clip. I used to think there were two kinds of corporate executives. Those who wore their cellphone on a belt clip, and those who kept the phone in their pocket. The former tended to rely on structure, models, and direct instruction. The latter made decisions based on their assessments of the real-time facts as they could perceive them. That’s who you want in charge of a company your money’s tied up in…Because of the acquisition premium, Lincoln National later became my largest stock position. Being in my late 20s, “largest” was a relative term.A few years later, in early September 2008, I called my grandfather. I told him something didn’t seem right in the world. My friend Cameron was Dennis Gartman’s chief analyst at the time. He told me there was an astounding open interest in Goldman Sachs October puts. This was one of several odd data points that came across my desk in the span of a few weeks. I didn’t fully understand what was going to happen… but I trusted my instinct.My grandfather told me I’d “trade my way to the poorhouse… generating a taxable gain in the process.” I went against him. The following Monday morning I sold my stake in Lincoln National on a market order. I still have the brokerage statements documenting the trade… it was roughly $55 per share. The following weekend Lehman Brothers went belly up… Lincoln National stock traded as low as $5 over the next eight weeks. That’s a 90% decline from my market sell order. I bought back my whole position at an average of $9.50 per share. I used the windfall balance to buy gold at $700/oz, silver at $9/oz, a dividend-paying utility fund, and most importantly… my initial seed money to buy a portfolio of single family rental houses the following year.Let me assure you, this trade was mostly luck. But instincts still played their part. In this case, my instinct came from attending the annual shareholder meeting, shaking the CEO’s dead fish hand, and feeling that he wouldn’t be the leader I’d want during a crisis. Attending that meeting saved me what I considered to be a fortune at the time. It also set me on a course that changed my career, and later… my whole life.Now, I didn’t have anything this profound happen after the Starbucks meeting. But, I did learn something about Starbucks… and about our society in general.The first order of business at Starbucks is not selling coffee. It’s an idea, a “social movement,” and a feeling. None of these will do anything to help the stock go up.With coffee of decreasing quality as a backdrop, the company offers “safe places” for homeless people to sleep, intravenous drug users to dispose of needles and transgender persons to avoid being misidentified with the wrong pronouns. That’s what Starbucks is now.I left that shareholder meeting predicting the stock would correct. A company this deluded can’t possibly manage to generate consistent profits.I sold all of my shares a few months later on January 16, 2018. My call was spot on. Shares are down 16% since my sale. I think they’re heading lower.You see, the company’s obsession with social issues is at odds with shareholder interests. Paying customers don’t want to sit next to homeless people who use the store as an air-conditioned shelter. As long as Starbucks’ leadership puts social ideals first, it’s only masquerading as a for-profit entity. If it doesn’t care about profits, it’s essentially asking stock buyers to donate in support of its true cause. That’s not how the capital markets work.By going to the company’s shareholder meeting, I saw this months before it made headlines. I had plenty of time to sell my position at a profit and walk away. I suspect more trouble for Starbucks in the coming quarters. If Howard Schultz tries to lean on his crumbling social justice company to elevate himself, both might collapse together.In the meantime, I’ve found new places to invest… and better places to get coffee.Regards, Capacity at McCaw Hall is 2,963, but the company had an additional overflow venue… which nearly doubled attendance.I’ve been to other annual meetings for various companies. It’s one of the best ways to really understand the attitude of management. Seeing them talk about the company in person is invaluable. You can read their body language and truly get a feel for how they approach this role… which is of vital importance to your investment.This meeting was totally different. It was more like a social movement or a Bernie Sanders rally. In fact, as the day wore on, I started wondering if the concept of owning equity in a profit-seeking company even mattered to the attendees.These people attended merely to demand that the company produce a more eco-friendly cup (see the picture below, and notice the line winding behind them).“Are you a reporter?” the lady next to me in the balcony asked. “No, absolutely not. I write an investment newsletter.”The meaning of the job description was lost on her… but she did ask me if I thought the stock would go up.As a side note, professionals usually ask, “What do you think about XYZ shares?” Novice shareholders usually say, “Do you think XYZ will go up?” The former tends to be better equipped for risk-taking than the latter.I told the lady I thought the stock was off track and might correct as much as 20%. She seemed concerned, and offended. Last week, we got that correction. Instead of a buying opportunity, I think it’s a chance to get out. Recommended Link America’s Safest Investments Could Be in Danger After August 1stLate summer we believe an economic event will occur. And the aftermath of this decision will lead to, as one chief market analyst says, “Armageddon.” It could plunge so-called, safe, traditional investments. Check this list of 277 investments to see if you own any of them as well as what to do to prepare. Click here for all the details. —center_img Justin’s note: Today, I’m sharing a timely essay from Strategic Investor editor E.B. Tucker, who warns to stay away from one of today’s most controversial corporations: Starbucks. E.B. sold his shares earlier this year, and he saw the recent downfall coming a mile away.Below, he explains how he knew the stock was in trouble… and more importantly, how you can do the same for the companies in your portfolio…By E.B. Tucker, editor, Strategic InvestorStarbucks (SBUX) stock is tumbling.It’s down 15% over the past 10 days. And I believe it will continue to fall from here.The iconic coffee chain was one of the best growth stories in modern stock history. It went public in 1992 with 140 stores. Today, it has over 28,000.But as I’ll show you in today’s essay, it looks like the growth days for Starbucks are finished.I can’t say I didn’t see the Starbucks collapse coming…Let me explain.Last year, I went to the Starbucks annual shareholder meeting in Seattle.At the time, I owned the stock personally and wanted to learn more about the company’s direction.I knew there’d be a lot of people attending… so I arrived two and a half hours early.It wasn’t enough.After waiting in a line that looped around McCaw Hall, through a giant courtyard, down the side of two buildings, then doubled back on itself… I managed to get a front-row seat in the third balcony. America’s Second-Largest Bank Tried to Buy This Secret Formula From Me…(It has predicted 100%+ moves in the stock market 129 times. The next one? It could strike on Tuesday.) Here’s the real story of why I refused to sell this formula to Wall Street… continue reading. Recommended Link E.B. Tucker Editor, Strategic InvestorP.S. While Starbucks is quickly collapsing, there are many other places to profit in the coming quarters… opportunities that many investors are ignoring today. Right now, one of my top ideas is about cashing in on America’s third power shift.I just released a new video with all the details. In short, the biggest power shift in the last 100 years is happening now. And it will create a major commodities bull market centering around a few select metals. If you know where to put your money ahead of time, you could see once-in-a-lifetime gains. Click here to learn more.In Case You Missed It…President Trump has mobilized his entire administration to battle this problem by declaring it a National Emergency under federal law. And Congress just approved $6 billion to fight it.Now a company is joining the battle by tackling one of the biggest problems our country has ever faced.In the past, companies in this niche saw peak gains of 95,800%, 63,400%, even 216,100%. Could this new company be the next to ride this unique wave?last_img read more

MONTGOMERY Ala AP – Responding to her primary

first_imgMONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Responding to her primary challengers, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has released a letter from her doctor saying the 73-year-old governor is in “excellent health.”Ivey’s campaign released the letter Wednesday after her challengers indirectly made an issue of the front runner’s age and health.In the brief letter from Dr. Brian Elrod of Montgomery, the doctor wrote that he sees “no medical issues that would prevent her from fulfilling her obligations as governor.”State Sen. Bill Hightower, who is 58, said the state needs a governor who is “vigorous” and can complete the term. Hightower released a copy of his recent medical tests and urged other candidates to do the same.Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle and evangelist Scott Dawson previously released letters from their doctors.(Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)last_img read more

By WVUA 23 Reporter Ivy Ervin Summer is already sw

first_imgBy WVUA 23 Reporter Ivy ErvinSummer is already sweltering, which means Tuscaloosans are looking for ways they can beat the heat.But there are options for those looking for ways they can cool off, especially the younger set.Tuscaloosa’s Park and Recreation Authority has several indoor and outdoor pools, and several splash pads for children that are open throughout summer.Shelby Park’s splash pad is where Lanasia Brown took her daughter Chloe Friday. She said she’s thankful there are places around town she can take her family to keep cool and stay active at the same time.“It’s a good way to get out and not be in the house during the summer,” Brown said.Shelby Park and its splash pad is located on 15th Street, near downtown Tuscaloosa. Palmore Park, at 3701 Fosters Ferry Road, and Evans-Roshelle Park, at 4006 20th Street NE in Holt, also offer splash pads for children.If you’re interested in a full swim experience, you’ve also got plenty of options. Bowers Park, Freeman Park and Palmore Park are also host to outdoor pools, and if you’d rather stay indoors the Miller Center, McAbee Activity Center and Faucett Brothers Park have got you covered with indoor pool facilities.For cost, directions and information, visit while spending time outdoors is nice, Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue’s Capt. Jason Norris said heat can be dangerous.“If you have to be out in the heat, we recommend that you wear light-colored clothing, wear a hat if you can, and take frequent breaks,” Norris said.Not to mention, drink plenty of water.If you’re lacking proper air conditioning in your home, Temporary Emergency Services is doing what it can to help with their annual fan drive.If you’d like to help, you can drop off box fans or donations at TES’ location at 1705 15th Street in Tuscaloosa between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.last_img read more

Faculty and staff at University Place Elementary S

first_imgFaculty and staff at University Place Elementary School focused on team-building Monday with their new co-workers from the now-shuttered Northington Elementary.Principal Nakelya Mullins said her goal was getting everyone working together, so faculty new and old were divided into teams and given challenges to complete.Their goal? Building a bicycle.Mullins said she hopes this teamwork continues throughout the school year.“My leadership team and I, we thought, ‘hey we have a new faculty coming on board, we have a lot of new people coming to University Place,’ and we wanted them to understand that we’re one team,” Mullins said. “We work better together, we get more done, and as you can see they’re all wearing team shirts since together everybody achieves more.”The bikes the teams constructed will be donated to Alabama One Credit Union’s Operation Christmas.last_img read more

ATHENS – Walter Iglesias two secondhalf goals in

first_imgATHENS – Walter Iglesias’ two second-half goals in the space of five minutes on assists from fellow Argentine Javier Umbides led Atromitos to a 2-1 away win over Panathinaikos in the Greek league.The hosts opened the scoring through Marcus Berg in the first half.The win kept Atromitos in third place, four points ahead of fourth-placed Panathinaikos and 12 behind league leader Olympiakos, which traveled to Aris on Dec. 15. Second-place PAOK, eight points behind the leader, travels to newcomer Kalloni.Also, Platanias beat Xanthi 3-0 and Giannena defeated Ergotelis 2-0.At Panathinaikos, Berg put the hosts ahead in the 39th minute. A long clearance from Panathinaikos’ area by David Mendes was headed at midfield by Nikos Karelis into the path of the Swedish forward, who lobbed the ball from outside the area over the charging Atromitos goalkeeper Luigi Cennamo.Atromitos equalized, also on the break, in the 60th, as Iglesias completed a 70-meter (75-yard) run by meeting Umbides’ cross from the right to tap the ball in. Iglesias’ run was helped by three Panathinaikos defenders who kept running toward their goal with no one turning to mark him.Five minutes later, Iglesias headed the winner off Umbides’ free kick.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

BARCELONA Spain AP — Hungry for more success L

first_imgBARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Hungry for more success, Lewis Hamilton added a twist to offseason preparations before launching his quest for a sixth Formula One world championship.He binged on snack food. Less for the taste of it, more for the effect it would bring.Eating a belly-full first and then doing extra hard workouts to turn that needless excess fat into muscle meant Hamilton returned to the track looking bigger than ever.Bigger neck, bigger upper body, bigger arms.He wasn’t the only F1 driver to relax the diets and beef up the body after a rule change took away an advantage for being lighter.“Over the winter and in the break, I could eat whatever I wanted, so pancakes and Cheetos, all that stuff. But I stayed very active,” Hamilton said during preseason testing at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit. “For the last month or so I have been pretty clean. My body fat is going down and you target more efficient defined muscle. I am not trying to be the Hulk . It takes time to put on muscle in the right way, but it has been great to eat bigger portions.”Heavier drivers had complained about the previous F1 regulations, which counted the driver’s weight against the car.The regulations for 2019 say that a driver’s weight will be considered separately from the car. The driver and the car seat now must weigh a minimum of 80 kilograms (176 pounds). It means teams are obligated to add ballast inside the cockpit if the driver is too light.The 34-year-old Hamilton, who is listed by the Mercedes website as weighing 150 pounds, said that he had added more than four pounds of muscle through various training regimes.“I feel stronger than I’ve been in a long time,” said Hamilton, who switched to a vegan diet two years ago. “I worked with different people a few days on and a few days off just to pick up new technique. I worked with a vegan trainer, who has been vegan his whole life and (is) a very ripped individual, and a couple of athletes.”Mercedes didn’t reveal the details of Hamilton’s training program but team principal Toto Wolff said the star driver is “stronger than before and in a super mental state; the best I have seen so far.”Other drivers have also piled on the pounds.“I may have overdone it!” Frenchman Romain Grosjean said. “I’ve put quite a fair bit of muscle on. I just need to sweat off a little bit for the first race but we’re going to be all right.”More muscle helps drivers handle the physical demands of racing, such as dealing with the G-force pressing on them when they steer their one-seaters through hairpin curves at hair-raising speeds.Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas spent time training in the frozen north of his native Finland, where he mixed cross-country skiing and other outdoor activities with in-the-gym workouts. They even included neck-strengthening exercises where he would do sit ups sideways while wearing a racing helmet.Bottas applauded the rule change, saying it also improves the overall health of race drivers.“I think the regulation is good, especially for the taller drivers it makes life a bit easier,” Bottas said. “Many drivers had to be below our natural weight and it is very easy to get ill or sick. This is the first winter for many years that I didn’t get any flu or any sickness.”The other rule changes include revamped designs for front and rear wings to favor overtaking, and the introduction of new helmets and gloves. Fuel limits have been increased to reduce the need for drivers to cautiously manage their tanks.The new season starts Sunday at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.By: Joseph Wilson, Associated PressTweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

LAS VEGAS — The Los Angeles Clippers made a huge d

first_imgLAS VEGAS — The Los Angeles Clippers made a huge decision.That meant Kawhi Leonard could finally make his.The Clippers will be landing Leonard as a free agent after they acquire Paul George from the Oklahoma City Thunder in a massive trade for players and draft picks, a person familiar with the negotiations said.George will be traded for at least four first-round picks, according to the person who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity early Saturday because none of the moves have been finalized. And Leonard made his decision to sign with the Clippers after the team swung the deal to land George, the person said.ESPN, which first reported the trade, also said the Thunder were getting Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Danilo Gallinari from the Clippers.FILE – In this April 16, 2019, file photo, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George, left, looks to pass the ball around Portland Trail Blazers forward Al-Farouq Aminu during the first half of Game 2 of an NBA basketball first-round playoff series in Portland, Ore. A person familiar with the negotiations says the Los Angeles Clippers will be landing Kawhi Leonard as a free agent after they acquire Paul George from the Oklahoma City Thunder in a massive trade for players and draft picks. (AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer)Leonard going to the Clippers means that for the first time, a reigning NBA Finals MVP will be changing teams before the following season. Leonard was also being pursued by the Los Angeles Lakers and the Toronto Raptors, the team he led to last season’s NBA title.The most the Clippers can offer Leonard is $142 million over four years, which is the deal he is expected to sign. Players can sign with new teams as early as noon Eastern on Saturday.“New adventure in OKC,” Gallinari tweeted.Leonard is entering his ninth NBA season, is a three-time All-Star, a two-time champion and one of only three players in league history to win the NBA Finals MVP award with multiple franchises.Notoriously a man of few words, at least publicly, Leonard is generally considered to be the best two-way player in the NBA — dominant on the offensive end, airtight on the defensive end.His game-winning, four-bounce-off-the-rim jumper to beat the buzzer in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against Philadelphia was perhaps the signature moment of this past season’s playoffs.And he just turned 28 last week — still very much in his prime.So, too, is George.The 29-year-old — who is owed roughly $105 million for the next three seasons — spent the last two years alongside Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City. George averaged a career-best 28 points last season even while dealing with shoulder issues that required surgery, and the Thunder couldn’t get out of the first round in either of those seasons.He was a finalist for both NBA MVP and Defensive Player of the Year last season, when he led the league with 2.21 steals per contest.A California native, going to the Clippers and pairing with Leonard means he’ll have a real chance of being on a title contender.The Lakers didn’t wait long before starting to move on from their quest for Leonard. Danny Green announced that he is signing a two-year deal with the Lakers, meaning he, too, is leaving Toronto.“Kawhi has made his decision. Seems like the announcement is out,” Green said in a video he posted to his social media accounts. “It’s time for me to make my announcement … I will be teaming up with new teammates in LA, the Los Angeles Lakers.”Green said he enjoyed Toronto and that it was unfortunate how free agency turned out for that city, the Raptors and for Canada.“LA, here I come,” Green said.Here comes Leonard — a Southern California native.Even President Donald Trump liked the move, tweeting early Saturday: “Great Coach, Great Guy!” and providing a link to a story noting Clippers coach Doc Rivers was a big winner landing Leonard and George.Leonard was, by far, the biggest name left on the free agent market. The other marquee names in this class like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson and Kemba Walker all made their decisions known relatively quickly.And like Durant, Irving and Walker, he’s changing addresses.His lone season in Toronto was the best of his career, answering every question about his health after a leg issue limited him to only nine games with San Antonio in 2017-18. Leonard averaged a career-high 26.6 points in the regular season — and was even better in the playoffs, averaging 30.5 points for the Raptors in their run to the title.“Last year, a lot of people were doubting me,” Leonard said after the NBA Finals. “They thought I was either faking an injury or didn’t want to play for a team. That was disappointing to me that that was out in the media, because I love the game of basketball.”The Raptors took a major chance in acquiring Leonard last summer, since they weren’t on his original list of preferred teams when he told the Spurs that he wanted to be moved elsewhere after spending his first seven seasons with them and helping them win the 2014 NBA title. DeMar DeRozan was the biggest piece that Toronto gave up in that deal, with Raptors President Masai Ujiri making the biggest move of his career.It delivered a title. But that wasn’t enough to make Leonard stay in Canada for the long haul.“He’s the best two-way player in the NBA,” Ujiri said during the NBA Finals.Leonard was simply dominant in the postseason, posting 14 games of 30 or more points. Only Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon and Kobe Bryant had postseasons with more 30-point games — Jordan had 16 of them in 1992, Olajuwon had 16 in 1995 and Bryant had 15 in 2009.The Raptors made clear: They considered Leonard the top player in the game, and he performed at a level worthy of that moniker.“Obviously, we have the best player in the league and the best player in these playoffs in Kawhi Leonard,” Raptors forward Pascal Siakam said after Toronto won the title.They’ll have to defend the title without him.It’s a massive blow to Toronto’s chances of back-to-back titles, and obviously puts a damper on the Lakers’ offseason quest as well — even though they will finalize a trade Saturday to bring in Anthony Davis from New Orleans and landed the sort of shooter than LeBron James craves by adding Green.“I’m going to come out and play the right way,” Leonard said last month. “I’m not trying to make headlines.”Try or not, he’s part of the summer’s biggest headline now.And he may be about to make the Clippers contenders as well.By: Tim Reynolds, AP Basketball WriterTweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

In the space of 30 seconds four new national ads

first_imgIn the space of 30 seconds, four new national ads each tell the story of a young person who falls into opioid abuse, becomes trapped in addiction, and is driven to risk their lives or limbs to feed the habit.The ad campaign, formally called “The Truth About Opioids,” was announced by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and targets teenagers and young adults. The White House is partnering with the Ad Council and other groups to broadcast the ads online and on television.The images are graphic and, White House officials say, based on true stories that highlight how easily people can become addicted.”We are communicating directly with the public in a way that will really sharpen the mind to see what is happening with individuals across this country, the extreme length that they will go to,” White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said in a conference call with reporters.One ad, called “Amy’s Story,” features a young woman driving a car, who says she was prescribed the opioid painkiller Vicodin after a knee operation. “They kept prescribing it, so I kept taking it,” she says, as she guides the car toward a trash dumpster.”I didn’t know how far I’d go to get more,” the voiceover says, as the young woman removes her seatbelt and plows the car into the dumpster in an apparent effort to injure herself.The other three ads are similar, showing young people intentionally breaking their hands with a hammer or in a door; in another, a young man intentionally causes a car to fall on him, breaking his back.Robin Koval, CEO of Truth Initiative, a public health organization working on the ad campaign, said more than 150 possible anti-opioid messages were considered and tested for their effectiveness. She said they were evaluated based on criteria including whether they increased viewers’ understanding of the risk of opioid abuse and reduced their willingness to illegally share prescription drugs.”We know that these messages are motivating to young people,” Koval said.Keith Humphreys, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Stanford University, said the ads are reminiscent of another ad campaign — “Your Brain On Drugs” — from the 1980s.”They are designed to terrify and portray people who have drug problems as freaks,” Humphreys said. “There is no evidence that scare tactic commercials make people less likely to use drugs.”Casey Newmeyer, an assistant professor of marketing at Case Western Reserve University, said research on effectiveness of public health campaigns is mixed.Newmeyer said that some very specific campaigns have been shown to work. “The Real Cost” campaign sponsored by the FDA in 2014, she said, likely contributed to a drop in the number of youth that smoke regularly. But the Reagan administration campaign didn’t have much impact.”One possible reason for this is that ‘The Real Cost’ campaign helps youth switch from a short-term to a long-term mindset,” she said. “It makes you think about the impact of decisions today on your future. Additionally, it used messages that directly impacted youth.”Since his campaign, President Trump has promised to fight the opioid epidemic. In October, Trump declared the crisis a “public health emergency,” and said he would launch an ad campaign focused on young people.Trump stopped short of declaring the epidemic a national emergency, which could have freed up additional funds for treatment. Some critics said the declaration did little to help people seeking help for addiction in places where treatment centers are often overwhelmed and underfunded.First Lady Melania Trump also has said she will make the opioid epidemic and its impact on children a focus of her “Be Best” policy initiative. It launched last month, but so far the White House has made few details available about the initiative’s next steps, and there’s been no indication that the new ad campaign is linked to “Be Best.”A spokesperson said Melania Trump was supportive of the ad campaign.A spending bill passed by Congress in March included $2.8 billion to fight opioid addiction.Jim Carroll, acting director of ONDCP, told reporters that none of those funds will be used for the new ad campaign. He said it’s being funded with “very few government dollars” along with donated time from media partners including Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Turner Broadcasting System, among others.An official with the Ad Council, which is partnering with the White House on the project, estimates the campaign will be worth more than $30 million. Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit read more

Traffic Sign Not Working on North Washington Stree

first_imgTraffic Sign Not Working on North Washington Street Bridge“Traffic Sign on North Washington Street Bridge needs to be reset.”Traffic sign that needed resetting back in January. Case resolved on February 28th.The original 311 post can be found here. This case was submitted and opened on January 24th, 2018. It was closed on February 28th, 2018 with the following message: “Closed with status: Case Resolved.”Remember, to report a claim with 311, you can call 311, go to the 311 website, tweet at 311, or download the app. What do you think about these 311 cases? Follow our “What’s The 311?” tag to see past week’s postings!While you’re here …we have a small favor to ask. More people than ever are reading but we need your help making ends meet. Advertising doesn’t bring in enough to pay for reporting or editorial work. Keeping this website going takes a lot of time, money and hard work. But we do it because we believe community news is important – and we think you do too. If everyone who reads this site, who likes it, puts in a bit to pay for it, then our future would be much more secure. Checks can be made out to North End Boston LLC, 343 Commercial St. #508, Boston 02109 or contribute online using the following links:*Make a One-Time Contribution* or *Become a Patron* Welcome back to our weekly update that highlights some of the cases appearing on 311 in the North End/Waterfront neighborhoods. All 311 cases are public information and can be found at Missing in Front of Limoncello Restaurant“Freedom Trail sidewalk bricks are missing creating a falling/tripping hazardous hole in the North End at North Square near the entrance of Limoncello Restaurant. Reports of people falling and injuring themselves have been submitted by a North End resident.”Bricks near the Freedom Trail missing.The original 311 post can be found here. This case was submitted and opened on February 23rd, 2018. It was closed later that day on February 23rd, 2018 with the following message: “Closed with status: Case Resolved. This location has been inspected and, where possible, temporary repairs or safety improvements were made. We have referred this location for a permanent repair. See case #101002378067 for status of the permanent repair.”*Advertisement*last_img read more


first_img Currently Did we miss something? Add it to the comments below. Follow @northend.waterfront on Instagram and tag #northend or #bostonwaterfront to have your photo featured!While you’re here …we have a small favor to ask. More people than ever are reading but we need your help making ends meet. Advertising doesn’t bring in enough to pay for reporting or editorial work. Keeping this website going takes a lot of time, money and hard work. But we do it because we believe community news is important – and we think you do too. If everyone who reads this site, who likes it, puts in a bit to pay for it, then our future would be much more secure. Checks can be made out to North End Boston LLC, 343 Commercial St. #508, Boston 02109 or contribute online using the following links:*Make a One-Time Contribution* or *Become a Patron* 12:30PM Let Me Tell You A Story at West End Library. Join the West End Library at 151 Cambridge Street for adult story time – bring your lunch if you’d like!5:00PM Recreational Boating on the Harbor. Learn more about recreational boating opportunities on Boston Harbor on the Friends of the Boston Harborwalk tour led by Liz Nelson Weaver, see additional details here.7:00PM NEWRA Monthly Meeting. Join the North End Waterfront Residents Association at the Nazzaro Center for their monthly meeting. On the agenda is the Municipal Harbor Plan and the recently filed lawsuit by Harbor Towers. Also, a 2-story addition will be presented at 38 Fleet St, see additional details here.7:00PM Aquarium Lecture Series: The Southern Right Whales of Arge. This lecture will be given by Florencia Ornela Vilches, New England Aquarium Marine Conservation Action Fund Fellow* and Instituto de Conservación de Ballenas researcher, see additional details here.Notable News:Harbor Towers residents sue to stop Don Chiofaro’s 600-foot tower on garage siteA pair of lawsuits was filed on Wednesday urging a judge to stop developer Don Chiofaro’s planned to build a 600-foot tower on the Harbor Garage, read more on the Boston Globe. Attorney Diane Rubin, representing Harbor Towers will be at Thursday’s NEWRA meeting (7pm, Nazzaro Center) to discuss the suit. See the agenda here.Did Someone Say Ice Cream? Things to know for ThursdayToday is Thursday, July 12 and here’s what else you need to know for today…10:00AM Gentle Yoga at Christopher Columbus Park. Stop by Christopher Columbus Park for some physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India.12:00PM Community BBQ at Polcari Park. The Boston Harborside Home of Joseph A. Langone Jr. is sponsoring a Community Appreciation BBQ at Polcari Park on Prince Street. This free event will have burgers, hot dogs, chips, soda and fun! Please bring a non-perishable food item for the North End Emergency Food Pantry NSC.*Advertisement* Currently Currently Plan your events with the Community Calendar: Friday, July 1312:00PM Plaza Palooza. Plaza Palooza will welcome summer to City Hall, and include lawn games, music provided by 103.3 AMP Radio, food for purchase, the Boston Water and Sewer Commission water truck, the Boston Police Department “Operation Hoodsie” ice cream truck and the Boston’s mobile City Hall To Go truck. The event is free and open to the public.1:00PM Friday Films of Robert Mitchum: Angel Face. Join the North End Library at 25 Parmenter Street for their weekly film series of Robert Mitchum, see additional details here.Saturday, July 149:00AM Doggie Wash Fundraiser with Back Bay Veterinary Clinic. RUFF is hosting a doggie wash fundraiser in the dog park for folks to come by and get a shampoo! Supplies will be provided by RUFF, generously donated by Back Bay Vet, who will have staff on site to meet and greet new and old dog friends! Cost is $10.11:00AM My Caribbean One World Expo. Stop by the Greenway for a taste of Caribbean culture at the 6th annual My Caribbean One World Expo and enjoy live entertainment, Caribbean cuisine and more, see additional details here.From the Community: Adult Book Discussion: The Grapes of WrathJoin the North End Library at 25 Parmenter Street for an adult book discussion on The Grapes of Wrath, continue reading.Need to submit a post? Great, start here!Keep up with what’s happening on the Events Calendar.Weather Forecast:last_img read more

Mr Oai mastered the craft of not only making gela

first_imgMr. Oai mastered the craft of not only making gelato & tiramisu but also creating memories & relationships with all who walked through our doors. After nearly 4 decades he has truly been a Paradiso fixture. We miss him, his dedication, professionalism, compassion, ingenuity, and his smile, dearly. Caffe Paradiso shares the sad news that beloved manager, Mr. Oai B Ngo, lost his courageous battle with cancer. Mr. Oai was been part of the Caffe Paradiso family for the past 38 years. During this time he could always be found behind the counter with his crisp white shirt and ear to ear smile. The family will receive visitors on Sunday from 2pm to 6pm in the Waterman-Langone Funeral Home, 580 Commercial St., Boston. Funeral will be on Monday in the funeral home beginning at 9am. Procession to St. Michael’s cemetery will follow.center_img The entire Caffe Paradiso family is keeping Mr. Oai’s family in our thoughts and prayers.*Advertisement*last_img read more

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first_img be_ixf; php_sdk; php_sdk_1.4.18 (Image: File)Stepping up to the plate amidst the ongoing debate about the lack of diversity at tech companies, AT&T is bringing a group of students from Howard University and Hampton Univeristy to Silicon Valley to attend The TechConneXt Summit, Black Enterprise’s first annual tech conference.Taking place October 12-13 at the Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, California, TechConneXt is designed to help develop a talent pipeline for tech companies in Silicon Valley that are serious about addressing their “diversity problem.”“These are STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) students whom we want to give more exposure to what is going on in Silicon Valley,” says Jennifer Jones, AT&T vice president for diversity marketing and home solution services.  “Hopefully, we will help them to make some connections that will serve them well post-graduation.” AT&T is also a presenting sponsor of TechConneXt.All college students attending the TechConneXt Summit will meet with recruiters, go on tours, meet mentors, and hear inspiring speakers who have succeeded in the tech space. What’s more, five HBCU teams made up of juniors and seniors who are majoring in engineering or computer science but haven’t yet made a commitment to an employer post-graduation will compete in the BE Smart Hackathon hosted by Capital One. Fittingly, the teams will design a personal finance app that targets college students and young professionals.“We hope to bring more attention to the lack of the percentage of minorities, particularly African Americans, in technology,” adds Jones, speaking about AT&T’s support of TechConneXt. “So, we want to spur that and we want other companies to be as aggressive as we have been in filling the pipeline–recruiting, hiring, developing and ultimately promoting as part of our culture, minority and African Americans in the tech space.”[Related: Sequoia Blodgett Talks Millennials In Tech]Students attending TechConneXt will also go on tours to Google and the AT&T Foundry. AT&T has foundry facilities across the country that serve as a launching pad for new ideas and new companies that are capable of quickly going to market and addressing pressing needs in a handful of focus areas. AT&T design, technology, and business specialists work directly with participants on-site.“Technology and innovation is at the core of what we do. This is not a new area for us at all. We have been engaged in this space throughout our history, but even moreso now with developers to ensure that our platform is open. In the past five years we have deployed foundries with the specific task of creating innovation and to enhance life globally,” says Jones.The AT&T Foundry in Silicon Valley that will be part of the TechConneXt college tour recently announced a couple of innovations. “One enhancement is really important to everyone, but especially to one of the segments that I support, which is disabilities,” Jones explains, referring to a connected wheelchair technology component that will provide monitoring of any patient in a wheelchair.“So for example, we have someone who has a mobility issue or [is] wheelchair bound. That chair will actually indicate where pressure points start happening before the patient becomes too uncomfortable or if the person may have numbness issues that they may not be aware of,” says Jones. “This will help to improve circulation and prevent body sores. It will enhance the quality of life for the individual and their caregiver.”“It is innovation like that that will move everybody forward in terms of improving our quality of life. Those are the types of things we do at our foundry, starting with what can the network do to enhance mankind.”Foundry services are available at:Palo Alto, California, USA: Emphasis on developing applications and enablers for the consumer segment.Plano, Texas, USA: Tools and staffing specialized for developing innovations for a business customer.Tel Aviv, Israel,: The Foundry hub for international outreach, as well as for incubating back-office solutions.Virtual Innovation Center: A remote access environment for innovator interaction, as well as access to development resources and communication tools.Jones  hopes that the HBCU students will be so excited about what they see at TechConneXt that they will want to join AT&T. Members of AT&T’s human resources staffing and recruitment department will be at the event.For more information on the TechConneXt Summit visit  Follow @blackenterprise on Twitter for updates and tech news.last_img read more

FFWPU Europe The first meeting for the Jacob Chil

first_imgFFWPU Europe: The first meeting for the Jacob Children Initiative in Europe took place during the weekend 12th to 14th of September in our newly renovated seminar place, Neumühle Training Center, in Bad Camberg, Germany. Some 20 participants, both parents and children, came together to share their experiences.The meeting focused on testimonies, sharing, question and answer sessions and networking, but there was also time for a few shorter presentations. Hans Karlsson spoke about the Value and Inheritance of the Blessing and Susan Crostwaithe informed about the First Generation Matching Process which has been used in Europe with substantial success since 2008.Susan also talked about the need for healing and introduced the Emotion Code which is a tool she and other brothers and sisters in our movement has worked with for quite long time.Jacob Children have been raised in the faith and tradition of True Parents, but when it comes to the matching and Blessing they are first generation. For many of these families it has been hard to deal with this situation and we heard various tearful testimonies about the pains suffered both by parents and children.This first meeting gave an opportunity to share our hearts and during reflection time a general desire was expressed that “we need to meet again”. One father said that “through this meeting I feel that there is a real consideration for our Jacob children in our movement. The Blessing is the most important and deepest commitment in our lives and I like to hear the attitude of personal care for every matching candidate”.Then he added, “I take this meeting as hopeful for the future. I like the open conversations between us and I got good advice how to handle the situation with our children. If there is another meeting I will certainly invite our children”.Several of the children talked about the importance of identity. “It is good to find that there are others in the same situation and that there people who want to help.” And, “We feel that we are not alone and it is good to hear what other children think.”One mother expressed, “I have realized how much we need the community support as sometimes we as families find ourselves isolated or lonely. So much depends on the situation between the parents and the children, and we often need outside support to improve our parent-child relationships.”She added, “True Mother has recently spoken about forgive, love and unite and this is the flow we need to find to empower each other.”Additional support to the meeting was given by David and Kyung Ja Hanna, directors of the European Blessed Family and Education Department, as they participated throughout the weekend.The Jacob Children Initiative has been coordinated by Hans Karlsson together with Sergio and Anja Brina from Germany and James and Britta Houston from Sweden.last_img read more

by Rev Frank Sanchez FFWPU USA Our Columbus red

first_imgby Rev. Frank Sanchez, FFWPU USAOur Columbus re-dedication Marriage and Blessing Ceremony transcended boundaries and religious affiliations and created a shared experience as one family under God. The eight couples reflected diversity, representing the Philippines, Japan, Mexico, and America.Local Unificationists created the sense of team unity that I used to feel when we had workshops so many years ago.  It was exhilarating to feel the love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents pour down on everyone. We could taste the wonder of this time in history and our place in it. We witnessed that this event was done with a pure heart and beauty as we are now living in the time of Cheon Il Guk.The wondrous event was held in the chapel of UC Columbus on April 29th, 2017. As couples came for the re-dedication ceremony of their marriages, they were greeted by smiling ushers who helped them with the wedding veil for the lady and boutonniere for the man. Then they were ushered into the chapel through an arch beautifully decorated with lights and flowers. Tables were set with white tablecloths, satin runners, and a flower bouquet as the centerpiece. The chairs were covered with white cloth and tied with a bow in the back.The front stage had a beautiful backdrop reading “Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony,” with a golden phoenix on each side. Even the loudspeakers were transformed into pillars of white with pink cloth and flowers. Unificationist Wayne Strautman lovingly offered background music.After emcee Rev. Frank Sanchez welcomed everyone, he introduced Arlene Candelaresi to offer a prayer, followed by Michael Candelaresi who gave the Blessing Address, in which he explained the preciousness and value of the Marriage Blessing and gave thanks to True Parents for making this Holy Blessing accessible to all humankind.The attending couples were introduced and made a pathway for the Blessing Officiators, Marquis and Kumiko Van de Mark, to come to the stage. Then all the participating couples followed them and stood facing the officiators.During the next part of the program, the Holy Wine ceremony, the couples shared a glass of Holy Wine and cemented their willingness to be Blessed by Heavenly Parent. The officiators then sprinkled Holy Water on the couples.  The last part was the reciting of the Blessing Vows which the couples confidently affirmed. When the officiators and the representing couple withdrew from the stage, congratulatory remarks were given by Nadya Hinson, who later said: “I felt when I gave the congratulatory words to them that they were the most important people in Ohio and the USA”.Wayne again gave us a beautiful song of love which everyone enjoyed.A beautiful three-tier cake was brought in, and the couples participated in lighting the candles, blowing them out and cutting the cake. Of course, we had a group photo in which everyone from the audience could participate.As the couples sat down, they were surprised to see a beautiful plate of celebration food awaiting them. Everyone was thrilled and stayed after the program for fellowship, enjoying the atmosphere and making new friends.Special thanks to Rev. Sanchez, all the coordinators, and all those who helped make this glorious day possible; especially to the chefs, Miyo Hirowaki and Margaret Kim who served a delicious banquet. Also special thanks to Susan Nishio and Nadya and Melissa Hinson for the beautifully decorated chapel.The seed had been planted; we want to keep planting many more seeds so we can have an abundant harvest in Columbus. I think we made our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents very happy.last_img read more

by Fabrice Djimadoum FFWPU Zambia The Families in

first_imgby Fabrice Djimadoum, FFWPU ZambiaThe Families in Zambia were showered with love and blessings of True Mother through her representatives, the CIG Special Itinerary workers Rev. Cho Manwoong and Rev. Kim Myeongdae who toured Zambia from the evening of 29th July to 2nd August 2018.They had a fruitful meeting with different providential departmental leaders and church elders on 30th July, 2018 at Peace Embassy in Lusaka. Around 30 leaders attended this meeting. The purpose of meeting was for the itinerants to listen to reports of activities for last year, the goals for this year and the strategies Zambia put in place for the fulfillment of vision 2020. The National Leader Rev. David Isaac Phiri presented the reports and the plan of activities for national restoration followed by UPF, YSP and Blessed Family Department. At the end, True Mothers representatives were impressed with progress made in Zambia and urged leaders to be united with the national leader to bring victory for vision 2020. They also conveyed the warmest greetings and love from our beloved True Mother to the leaders.More than 110 Members and leaders from capital city Lusaka and provinces gathered at the main Church hall at FFWPU training center, in Barlastone from 31st July to 1st August 2018 for a two 2-day workshop. During the inspirational revival workshop which was full of joy enthusiasm and high spirit through songs and dance, the two itinerants poured their hearts through the message of hope from True Mother through Korean-English-Korean interpretation by Brother Simon Sondoyi. They shared their hearts and their experiences of True Parents touching and amazing life course. The topics on how to establish national restoration through youths, Tribal Messiahship “World mission Peace Strategy for the firm of Establishment of Cheon Il Guk”. He encouraged blessed families who are in the process and who accomplished the Heavenly Tribal Messiah ship to continue their determination and to nurture their tribes. They further encouraged us to invest in the future leaders, to witness to the top leaders to meet True Mother in this coming Africa Summit in South Africa.On the last day of workshop, the itinerants through the topics “Cheon Il Guk Age, Hoondokhae and Hoondok Family Worship” taught, the importance of Hoon Dok Hae, Sunday service attendance, Tithing and life of faith. They encouraged members to practice for a minimum period of 7 months to harvest the result.During the workshop the two itinerants offered profound prayers for Zambian members and Zambia at large and we can feel hope that the blessing is around the corner. They also gave some tips on how to get President Lungu to attend the Africa Summit in South Africa later this year.Throughout the workshop, the atmosphere was spiritually high with colorful local praise songs with dances as the way to welcome True mother’s representatives in Zambia.During their tour, the itinerants had several meetings with different heads of organization IAPD Chairman Bishop David Masupa and Executive Director of Independent Church of Zambia with a thousand affiliated churches under him, Bishop United Church of Zambia (UCZ) as second largest church in Zambia with millions of members at Peace Embassy. They had a fruitful sharing meeting with the Chairman for International Chiefs Association for Peace and Prosperity (ICAPP), Chiefs Ntambu and his vice Chief Chibale as well as UPF Chairman, former Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Gen. Malimba Nathaniel Masheke at the FFWPU training Center. During the meeting, Chief Ntambu promised to the itinerants their support to invite Mother Moon, True Mother. Chief Ntambu was one of delegation who went to Hawaii for coffee conference and ILC in Korea. They had also a meeting with Hon. Maxas Joel Bweupe Ng’onga, IAPP vice Chairman. They also visited Archbishop Milingo and his Wife Maria Sung at FFWPU resident HQs.Three cheers of eog mansei conducted by the National leaders, Rev. David Isaac Phiri, followed by a special cake cutting and special gift to the representatives from Mothers of Zambia.  They expressed their deepest appreciation and promised to convey their hearfelt reports and greetings from members in Zambia to True Mother.Members felt energized, inspired and motivated as they have received a lot of love from our Beloved True Mother, the only Begotten Daughter. Finally, members resolved and promised to take upon the responsibility to offer Zambia to Heavenly Parent and True Parents as one of the nations as Cheon Il Guk nation and fulfill the Vision 2020.last_img read more

He says in all disaster recovery situations the f

first_imgHe says in all disaster recovery situations, the first priority is restoring communication services to first responders.“In Rockport, Texas, the county command center had no service [and] needed to communicate with first responders,” he says. AT&T engineers put fiber connective in place and installed service. The team then provided service to the local airport—within 24 hours.Unique Logistics Problems With Each Hurricane (In Key West, a firetruck helps transport water to cool critical AT&T equipment. Image: AT&T)“With Maria—it’s quite a ferocious storm where there’s a massive wind event against a weakened power structure that makes it a lot more challenging. There are lots of access issues; the logistics of getting equipment to the island.”The telecommunications executive has been with AT&T for over a decade, according to his LinkedIn bio. He says he is planning to be on the ground with AT&T’s recovery teams in Puerto Rico this week. (• Hurricane Irma 1 (Key West City Hall): One of two AT&T Sat COLTs deployed to Key West in the Florida Keys. This COLT deployed to Key West City Hall provides connectivity for first responders and other recovery personnel. Image: AT&T) Ludgood says that these back-to-back storms were different in how each affected the areas they pummeled. This means being quick to change the disaster recovery strategy in one particular storm-affected location versus another.“If you look at these three storms, they were all very different,” Ludgood says. “Harvey was largely around flooding. In an event like that, you have to let the waters recede. You have a fairly lengthy time of drying out the facilities. Irma was largely a wind event that resulted in massive power outages unlike Puerto Rico, the infrastructure is hardened in Florida—within a week they restored services there.” Making Progress in Puerto Ricocenter_img Just as critical situations became stabilized in hurricane-ravaged parts of Texas and Florida—Hurricane Maria hit—decimating many of the island nations that form the Caribbean.After major natural disasters, the first responses are to ensure that people are safe, fed, and have water and shelter. Meeting these needs can often prove a logistical nightmare especially when power and communications services are down.“Communication is required,” says Gary Ludgood, president of field operations at AT&T and someone leading the national efforts to aid areas hit by the storms.(Gary Ludgood. Image: AT&T) Ludgood says that AT&T is using its vast experience in disaster recovery to help devastated communities restore telecommunications and infrastructure. He also weighed in on how relief efforts are going in Puerto Rico—savaged two weeks ago by Hurricane Maria.“We are making a lot of progress in Puerto Rico. We have a barge en route now with even more equipment [such as] generators. As soon as those things hit the ground, we are prepared to deploy them around the island and get them back online,” says Ludgood.“We work far in advance to be disaster-ready, this is kind of part of what we do at AT&T; it’s part of the culture. We regularly prepare for events like this whether [the disaster] is natural or man-made,” he explains.Before the storm in Puerto Rico, Ludgood and his teams were hunkered down in Texas and Florida restoring services there as both states recovered from Hurricane Irma. be_ixf; php_sdk; php_sdk_1.4.18 read more

Morning Report Jorge Masvidal praises Conor McGre

first_img Morning Report: Jorge Masvidal praises Conor McGregor: ‘The dude is a f*cking G, bro’ Nightmare Matchup for UFC’s Biggest Stars Which is More Dangerous – MMA or Football? Latest From MMA Warehouse Accessories Esther Lin, MMA Fighting Greatest Highlights of Anderson Silva’s Career Good Night Tee Gloves Sale [Pics] Blind Side’ Football Player, Michael Oher Finally Tells A… Tie Breaker Apparel [Gallery] This Wedding Dress Made Guests Truly Uncomfortable Herald Weekly Standard Ranked Rashguard Standard BJJ Gi King Ryan Longsleeve Shirt Colby Covington rips ‘diva’ Robbie Lawler for leaving American Top Team over a photo Top Contenders for Fight of the Year Lockdown duffle bag Fedor Emelianenko blames the UFC for not having given Khabib Nurmagomedov a title shot yet. Dana White addresses contender status of Colby Covington, Leon Edwards, Corey Andersoncenter_img Should Frankie Edgar finally fight at bantamweight? Coach Ricardo Almeida weighs in 20 Civil War Photos That Will Make You Feel Like You Were There Past Factory [Photos] Best Photos of Woodstock That You Have Never Seen History 101 Sponsored Content Timeline of Israel Adesanya’s Rapid Rise to UFC Contender You Can’t Imagine How Funny These 22 Animal Photobombs… More: Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future After UFC Retirement Fedor Emelianenko seems to think the UFC is giving Khabib Nurmagomedov the shaft.The Russian MMA legend told Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour that he is not sure if the promotion is giving his countryman a fair shake. Emelianenko questioned if the UFC would want Nurmagomedov as lightweight champion.“He’s a candidate for a fight for a very long time, but he doesn’t have a chance at that fight,” Emelianenko said through an interpreter. “They wouldn’t like that opportunity for him.” 25 Most Anticipated Movies of 2019 Direct Expose Gordon Ryan Competition Kit More From MMA Fighting ProMax 440 BJJ GI Recommended by ABC passes rule alteration to definition of grounded fighter Video: Aalon Cruz scores ridiculous jumping knee KO on Contender Series Nurmagomedov (24-0) will get to fight for a UFC lightweight belt — an interim title, though — against Tony Ferguson in the co-main event of UFC 209 on March 4 in Las Vegas. The undefeated Dagestani wrecking ball is 8-0 in the UFC and has dominated in most contests. Nurmagomedov, 28, has not gotten a title shot up until this point despite that impressive résumé. However, a good amount of that is probably owed to a long history with injuries. Still, Emelianenko points at the UFC. Nurmagomedov was very much deserving of a chance at the title at UFC 205 back in November when he fought and beat Michael Johnson. “The Eagle” thought before that event he had a shot lined up, Conor McGregor, then the featherweight champion, got the chance against Eddie Alvarez instead.“I think Khabib is a very good fighter and he has everything going for him to become champion with the UFC,” Emelianenko said. “Another thing to continue is whether the UFC wants that or not.”Emelianenko, 40, himself will meet Matt Mitrione in the main event of Bellator 172 on Saturday night in San Jose, Calif. He had a chance to sign with the UFC when he was a free agent last year, but chose Bellator for a number of reasons. “The Last Emperor” said he could not come to an agreement on multiple things with the UFC, has a long relationship with Bellator president Scott Coker, and Bellator agreed to have some of his teammates and students compete for the promotion.When asked why he thought Nurmagomedov was not getting the opportunities he deserves, Emelianenko said it was not clear to him, but theorized it had to do with “politics.”“I don’t know,” Emelianenko said. “That’s just the politics in the UFC. For me, a lot of UFC actions are still a mystery.” Latest From Our Partnerslast_img read more