Croats pay 90% more for contactless than last year, in Europe almost 50% for contactless transactions

first_imgThe strong penetration of contactless technology, which is the most widely accepted form of electronic payment in the history of Europe, continues, and so almost one of the two transactions in European stores is now contactless. A new survey by Mastercard showed that contactless payments recorded significant growth in Croatia as well – in the first eight months of 2018, 90% more contactless transactions were conducted than in the same period last year. The rapid growth in the use of contactless technology is also present throughout Europe, with a 97% increase in contactless transactions compared to last year. In more than 15 key European markets – including the markets of Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and Russia – contactless transactions account for more than 50% of all in-store transactions. In Croatia, 54% of transactions in August 2018 were contactless, according to Mastercard data, and they state that Poland is the absolute leader of this trend with over 80% of contactless transactions in 2018.The cashless economy is also being adopted by many other European countries – people are abandoning the cash payment method and adopting contactless technology.”These results clearly show that Europe is a leader in a contactless revolution. In addition to ease of use and convenience, users are looking for security and protection when it comes to payment technology. With the increase in the use of contactless payment methods, there is an increase in trust and thus more and more the user considers it contactless technology just as secure or more secure than traditional forms of payment. ” pointed out Sanja Žigić, director of Mastercard in Croatia. One of the main areas driving the growth of contactless transactions across Europe is transport systems. The number of users who use contactless payment methods in public transport is constantly growing.The main question is where is our tourism in this whole story? Mobile payments or contactless payments must be an imperative for us in our tourism. In addition to giving a clear message that we are following new trends and increasing tourist spending, the most important thing is that we respond to the needs of the market and tourists. By the way, the Google Pay service was recently enabled in Croatia, and we know that the mobile phone is the only item that cares about us today. Who more wants to carry paper money to the beach? Thinking about changing money for our currency? Paying with cards and mobile phones facilitates the whole process, increases tourist spending because we know that the psychology behind card payments works to increase spending, and gives some freedom to tourists because they do not have to think about money in the wallet.last_img

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