Ottawa cops ordered to pay wrongfully arrested brutalized woman 254K

first_imgTORONTO – A woman brutalized by Ottawa police during her wrongful trespassing arrest and left naked for hours in a holding cell nine years ago has been awarded $254,000 in damages.The Superior Court award in favour of Roxanne Carr, one of the highest of its kind in Canada, comes after a nine-day trial that ended more than a year ago.“The police actions broke my heart,” Carr said in a statement through her lawyer Lawrence Greenspon. “Patience is a virtue — sometimes it’s worth the wait because it helps others.”Given the possibility of an appeal, Carr would not otherwise be speaking publicly, Greenspon said Monday from Ottawa.In making the award, Justice Sylvia Corthorn faulted several officers for the disturbing series of events, but aimed much of her judgment at Const. Michael Adlard, the officer who set off a chain of events in August 2008.Adlard had no grounds to arrest Carr without a warrant for what was, at most, a landlord and tenant dispute, Corthorn found. The officer then used excessive force to detain her, leaving her with injuries that included a bone fracture in her wrist, the judge said.Court records show Carr, then in her late 20s, was renting part of a home in Ottawa from her boyfriend but he had called police to say he wanted her gone. Carr was sitting and chatting with a friend on the front steps of the house when, to her surprise, Adlard showed up.Within eight minutes, Adlard had thrown Carr to the ground and arrested her. Corthorn rejected his shifting account that he feared Carr, whose rent was paid up and was entitled to be there, was about to lunge at him.“Adlard’s failure to take a measured approach and his decision to take a forceful, if not confrontational approach are such that his conduct fell below the standard of care,” Corthorn said.The situation turned uglier when Carr kicked out the back window of the cruiser and she was taken to the police station.Video shows officers casually search Carr, who was lying face down on the floor. Despite the fact she was now completely compliant, Const. Richard Marcil opted to use a restraining device to take her to her cell, apparently breaking her wrist in the process.“It looks like an animal on a leash. It’s really, really disturbing,” Greenspon said from Ottawa on Monday. “You wouldn’t treat an animal the way she was treated at the station.”Once in a cell, Marcil and other officers stripped her of her clothing on the pretext that Carr, who by now had two broken bones in her wrist, was suicidal and had tried to tie her shirt around her neck, the judge found. Carr was left for more than two hours naked in the cell.Officers finally gave her back her clothes and allowed her to leave. The judge accepted that Carr had two fractures in her wrist, and scrapes and bruises on her head, shoulders legs and foot as a result of the force used against her and that the incident had inflicted traumatic stress on her.Four charges against Carr, including that she had resisted arrest and assaulted an officer, were withdrawn three years later. Corthorn rejected Carr’s negligence claims against the officer who had laid the charges for lack of evidence.Ultimately, Corthorn awarded her $90,000 in general damages, $120,000 in lost income and $37,000 for counselling. Corthorn also ordered the police services board and the four officers involved in stripping Carr and leaving her naked in the cell to pay her another $7,500 for breaching her rights.Interest and legal costs have yet to be determined.Ottawa police said Monday they were reviewing the judgment and would not discuss the case or the status of the eight officers involved, who never faced prosecution or misconduct charges.“It certainly puts the propriety of their investigations up for grabs,” Greenspon said.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. An earlier version incorrectly attributed a quote from Corthorn.last_img read more

Womens Rights Advocates and Sex Trade Survivors Rally Against PornHub PopUp

first_imgThe Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW), the National Organization for Women-New York (NOW-NY), and feminist author and leader Gloria Steinem held a press conference last week to highlight the detrimental impact the PornHub pop-up shop has on our culture and to call on elected officials to halt the expansion of more pop-ups in New York City.Joined by sex trade survivors, the group asserted that the physical presence of PornHub, an Internet warehouse of graphic, violent pornographic videos, promotes and normalizes sexual violence against women and girls.The groups were joined by supporters from around the city who are concerned about the proliferation and unchecked accessibility of pornography online that is contributing to boys’ and young people’s understanding of sexuality and to a broader rape culture that normalizes violence against women. The PornHub site’s titles include “Picking up a Schoolgirl for a Quick Drive Home,” “Jap Maid Serves the House Guest,” “Hot Innocent Teen Gives Grandpa a Blowjob.” Viewers pick the women by race or categories, like “stepdaughter,” “gangbang,” or “barely legal.”“At a time when we are beginning to dismantle the fear many sexual violence victims have from speaking out, the last thing our society needs is a storefront promoting violence against women,” said Sonia Ossorio, President of the National Organization for Women- New York (NOW-NY). “We are creating a dangerous precedent when we glorify this pop-up, even if on the surface it appears harmless, PornHub and similar sites are teaching young men that the violence they see is normal and accepted.”Protesters called out the way PornHub crosses the line on the exploitation of women, promoting racist language and stereotypes and selling violence against women and girls.“As long as porn is seen as synonymous with sex, people will defend it, but in fact, pornography is about power, not sex,” said Gloria Steinem. “We need to make the difference clear to save the lives and shared humanity of both men and women.”Studies have found that the consumption of pornography is associated with the perpetuation of male physical and psychological violence against women and rape myths.“Many survivors of the sex trade, including me, can testify that our pimps or traffickers have brought cameras into the room to get our rapes on film,” said Melanie Thompson, 21, who was trafficked in Queens at the age of 12. “You had to smile and submit, or face the consequences from your buyer and your pimp. You had to deal with it, whatever that was.”The website PornHub is just a parcel of the multi-billion dollar sex industry that profits from exploitation, dehumanization, and the sex trafficking of the most marginalized people. It opened its storefront in November 2017 and is planning to open additional storefronts throughout the city and across Europe.“PornHub is grooming the next generation of sexual predators,” said Taina Bien-Aimé, executive director of CATW. “If New Yorkers want to honor the #MeToo movement and end sexual violence, we must make the connections and stop mainstreaming the sex trade.”last_img read more

Mediaplanet Launches Fighting Alzheimers Campaign

first_imgLaunching during Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month, Mediaplanet last week published this June’s “Fighting Alzheimer’s” campaign.This publication will advocate for caregiver health as well as increased research on treatment, prevention and, ultimately, a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, with over 16 million Americans providing unpaid care for people with dementia. Featuring leading experts, influencers, caregivers and patients, this campaign will spotlight the amalgamation of perspectives in the fight for a cure. Through a series of inspiring and insightful editorials, this publication will reach caregivers to educate them on tips, resources and clinical trials available to them.“I’ve learned that I can do anything, but I cannot do everything,” says AARP’s Family Caregiver Expert, Amy Goyer. In a frank Q & A on the interior of the print edition, Goyer empowers caregivers to seek support and balance their quality of life with the wellbeing of their loved one. The campaign also highlights the work of celebrity advocates such as Seth Rogen, Lauren Miller-Rogen and Maria Shriver.The print component of “Fighting Alzheimer’s” is distributed within the centerfold of today’s USA Today edition in Atlanta, New York, South Florida, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Boston, with a circulation of approximately 250,000 copies and estimated readership of 750,000. The publication will be available at industry conferences, awareness walks and caregiver advocacy events across the country. The digital component is distributed nationally through a vast social media strategy and across a network of top news sites and partner outlets. To explore the digital campaign, click here.This campaign was made possible with the support of the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, AARP, Caregiver Action Network, CDC Healthy Aging Program, Always Discreet, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, A Place for Mom, UnitedHealth Group, Dementia Spotlight Foundation, Home Instead, M3 Biotechnology, Alliance for Aging Research, Best Buy, Comfor Tek, Altoida, Voyager Therapeutics, Emory University, Miami Jewish Health, Project Lifesaver, Allergan, Axsome Therapeutics, EIP Pharma, California Table Grape Commission, IXICO, The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, Hilarity for Charity, Johns Hopkins’ Memory and Alzheimer’s Treatment Center, Seth Rogen & Lauren Miller-Rogen, Maria Shriver, Sharon Hall and Teepa Snow.last_img read more

Sarab and sharab Modi gets flak from SP Cong for using liquor

first_imgMeerut/New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday used wordplay to attack the Samajwadi Party, Rashtriya Lok Dal and Bahujan Samaj Party alliance, saying the first letters of the three parties spell ‘sarab’, prompting a furious reaction from the opposition at the comparison with alcohol. Terming the SP-RLD-BSP alliance in Uttar Pradesh ‘mahamilavat’ (adulterated), Modi compared the opposition parties to ‘sarab’ — the Hindi word for liquor is ‘sharab’. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM'”The first letters of these three parties stand for ‘sarab’ which is bad for health,” Modi said while launching the BJP’s rally from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh and called upon people to be wary of the “concoction”. But between ‘sarab’ and ‘sharab’ is a world of nuance. While the Congress asked Modi to apologise for comparing the parties to liquor, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav accused him of spreading the “intoxication of hatred”, saying he didn’t know the difference between ‘sharab’ and ‘sarab’ (mirage). Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KAlleging that Modi had lowered political discourse, Congress’ chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said, “You should apologise to the country as you have insulted the poor by comparing opposition political parties to liquor. You should either take back your words or apologise.” Yadav added that those who spread the “intoxication of hatred” do not know the difference between “sharab and sarab”. “Today the tele-prompter exposed that those who spread the intoxication of hatred do not know the difference between ‘sharab’ and ‘sarab’.last_img read more

With a new government in place is the LRT in jeopardy

Once elected as Ontario’s next Premier Doug Ford vowed he will make “Ontario once again the engine of Canada”.“This LRT is a prime example of private sector investment. We have a consortium who is financing building and maintaining it and we have a tremendous development community who is really put all their investments in the downtown core, hedging their bets on this bet. We’re $100-million in and I can’t see a way out of this for Doug Ford and the PC government.” Matthew Green, councillor.However the newly elected MPP for Hamilton Glanbrook-Flamborough, Donna Skelly, admitted to sharing her concerns over the LRT to Premier Ford during his campaign. At the time Hamilton’s Mayor Fred Eisenberger wasn’t pleased and tweeted“She is a rookie Councillor who does not speak on behalf of the city. Council decided to move forward and she should stop undermining its decision. Doesn’t much care about Hamilton, just wants to be MPP”.Now that she is a MPP, the former ward 7 Councillor says that it’s up to city council to determine how to spend the $1-billion in provincial funds.“If they want to spend it on LRT the funding is there, if they want to spend it on much needed infrastructure or expanded transit the funding is there but that’s their decision.”Leader of the opposition Andrea Horwath told reporters that she hopes council sticks to their plan. In the meantime, the mayor’s tune has changed in regards to Skelly tweeting,“We will work collectively & respectfully together in the interest of improving & building our city of Hamilton as we have with all of our federal & provincial partners”.As for the now empty Ward 7 council seat, it’ll be up for grabs in this fall’s municipal election. read more

Why Gretzky Had It Easy

One of the most interesting statistical nuggets I ran into while researching a piece about NHL goalies was the improvement in leaguewide goaltending over the past 30 years. It hasn’t just been a small improvement — the league’s save-percentage leaders during the 1980s and early 1990s put up statistics that would rate below-average in recent seasons.Here’s the league’s average save percentage since the 1983-84 season, when the NHL began tracking shots against:Save percentage rapidly increased during the so-called dead-puck era of the 1990s and early 2000s. It’s no coincidence that over that period, the NHL’s rate of scoring also dropped sharply. A lot of fans blame strategies such as the neutral-zone trap and left-wing lock for triggering the dead-puck era, but more of the blame belongs to better goalies.As for why goalies are so much better now, well, that’s a subject of much debate in hockey circles. One of the most popular explanations is that the sheer size of goaltending equipment has exploded since the 1980s. That’s hard to argue when you look at how pads have grown over time. But since pad size first became a talking point in the mid-to-late 1990s, the league has gone to some lengths (no pun intended) to police the dimensions of puck-stopping technology — and it’s had scarcely any effect on save percentages.Instead, I think a bigger reason save percentages improved so sharply in the 1990s was a dramatic change in the goaltending techniques being employed.During the 1980s, the prevailing style was still the so-called stand-up method, in which a goalie largely remains upright on his skates while making saves, using his stick and skates to stop low shots. In the middle of the decade, though, goaltending phenom Patrick Roy made his NHL debut. Emboldened by recent advances in arm and chest protectors, Roy used a different technique — the “butterfly” — wherein the goaltender drops to his knees to make saves, effectively sealing off most shooting targets along the bottom third of the net.Using the butterfly, Roy was sensational — he backstopped the Montreal Canadiens to the Stanley Cup as a 20-year-old in 1986 — and it wasn’t long before the butterfly style spread throughout the league. The effect was profound. Stand-up goalies who were the mainstays of the mid-1980s were almost completely phased out of the game within a decade, replaced by a younger generation who used the butterfly or at least a hybrid technique featuring butterfly elements.In retrospect, this seems like an obvious tactic — it’s a goaltending truism that the majority of goals are scored on shots at or near ice level — but older equipment made dropping low a dangerous proposition. Once falling to the ice became safer, goalies no longer had to rely purely on reflexes, instead being able to stop a greater percentage of low shots on technique alone. It’s no surprise that save percentages skyrocketed when one of the most common subsets of shots suddenly became much tougher.One final note: Watch the Wayne Gretzky highlight reel below and pay particular attention to the goalies in the early portion of the video, when the Great One was with the Edmonton Oilers.Compared with today’s game, you can really see the difference in goaltending technique (notice how many of the goalies tried to stop Gretzky’s shots without dropping to the ice). Modern goalies are more athletic and mobile, and, yes, their pads are plainly bigger. But they’re also using a style much more grounded in the probabilities of where pucks are shot. read more

Husband of mother who died after Csection birth says he blames himself

first_imgHe added: “I would have done anything for her. I would happily change it – I would do anything to change what has happened, absolutely anything.” The husband of a young mother who died just hours after she gave birth to her second son has said he continues to place blame on himself.Frances Cappuccini’s death was a result of “failures, inadequate diagnosis and treatment” at the hospital caring for her, a coroner said earlier this year.The 30-year-old died at Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Pembury, Kent, shortly after giving birth to her son, Giacomo, by Caesearean section. Reflecting on being told his wife had died, Mr Cappuccini told the programme: “It was devastating. It completely ripped me apart. I think my first reaction – I nearly passed out. I think I fell on the floor. I think that is what happened initially.”The 10-day inquest at Gravesend Old Town Hall in Kent earlier this year heard that Mrs Cappuccini lost more than two litres (around four pints) of blood after the C-section. Frances Cappuccini was a school teacherCredit:INS Frances Cappuccini on her wedding day Frances Cappuccini Mrs Cappuccini, a school teacher, suffered heavy bleeding and was anaesthetised, but went into cardiac arrest and died at 4.20pm on October 9 2012.In an interview with Channel 4 News, her husband Tom Cappuccini said: “I placed a lot of blame – I still do – a lot of blame on myself for not being more forceful, more aggressive with the midwives when I first got there and insisting more that we had the C-section.”So to then imagine her waking up and being unable to breathe by herself and being conscious at the time for me – oh my God – I can’t even put into words how that made me feel.”So to have them at the inquest tell me there is no way she could have woken up has just taken so much off my shoulders.”center_img Frances Cappuccini on her wedding dayCredit:SWNS  Frances Cappuccini Frances Cappuccini had an emergency C-sectionCredit:PA  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. She was subsequently operated on for a postpartum haemorrhage but never woke up from the anaesthetic.The inquest criticised the care given to her, including a piece of placenta that was left in her womb.Mr Cappuccini said: “I didn’t sleep for weeks. I didn’t sleep for weeks before and I didn’t sleep for weeks after. I’ve never been so emotionally and physically drained at that point.”There was a lot of pressure on myself and on the whole family in fact, my parents, my in-laws, we’re all in the same boat, but I just had to keep going because this wasn’t about me.”This was about Frankie. It was about getting justice for her.”In a statement given to Channel 4 News, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust said: “We have acknowledges that Frances’ death was avoidable and we have made significant changes as a direct result of the aspects of her care which did not meet the standards we would expect.”last_img read more

Class A drug use hits record high as milennial ecstasy and cocaine

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Harry Shapiro, the director of awareness group DrugWise, told the Telegraph: “There is a lot of cocaine available in the country these days. A Government spokesman said: “While overall levels of drug misuse are similar to a decade ago, the Government is concerned about the upward trend in more recent years – particularly Class A use.“We are committed to reducing the use of drugs and the harms they cause and the Home Office has commissioned a major independent review to examine these issues.” Record numbers of people are taking Class A drugs, figures have shown as experts blamed the cocaine and ecstasy habits of millennials for the rise. The Home Office said 3.7% of 16 to 59-year-olds admitted taking the most dangerous substances in 2018/19 – the highest rate since records began in 1996. This equates to around 1.3 million people and marks a peak after years of increasing abuse since 2011/12, according to findings from the Crime Survey of England and Wales.Around 8.7% of young adults reported using Class A drugs in the last year – equating to around 550,000 people – taking it to the highest estimate for 16 to 24-year-olds since 2002/03.An explosion in the number of festivals each year was highlighted as one potential driver behind the trend, while the increasing availability of cocaine was said to have helped lose its reputation as a drug for professionals.Powder cocaine has become increasing popular among 16 to 24-year-olds in recent years, jumping from 4.1% who had used it in the past year in 2011/12 to 6.2% in 2018/19.The use of ecstasy by young adults has also been rising during the same period after a “gradually downward trend”, with 5.4% of 16 to 24-year-olds having taken the party drug in the last year.  “Although to some extent it still has an element of a sort-of ‘champagne’ image around it, I don’t think it is that unusual anymore – I don’t think people imagine they are crossing a line, if they have the odd line.“What’s interesting about ecstasy is that there are some very strong pills out there, but (the rise) may also be linked to the explosion of festivals that we’ve had in recent years.“We have gone from Reading and Glastonbury and a couple of others over the summer to almost every weekend there is half a dozen festivals going on somewhere. “I think festivals give young people in their mid to late teens an opportunity to be away from prying eyes and experiment with things.”The majority of ecstasy and powder cocaine users aged 16 to 59 reported only taking the drugs once or twice a year, rather than more frequently, the report said.More broadly, overall drug use was found to have slightly increased – with roughly one in 11 adults aged 16 to 59 taking an illicit substance in the past year. It comes as drug-related deaths in England and Wales reached the highest level since records began earlier this year, with deaths involving cocaine doubling in three years to 2018.  read more

Greek folk dancing the right step to love

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Many Greek Australian parents wonder how they can get their children to find a nice Greek boy or girl to marry.Vas Aligiannis is the director of Greek Folk Dancers Association of NSW, he says Greek dancing classes are one answer.“Plenty of love stories have happened here, and they end up getting married, and then we dance at their wedding,” he tells Neos Kosmos.Recently a group of Mr Aligiannis’ dancers performed at the wedding of Nick and Ellory, who met learning the Hasapiko at Mr Aligiannis’ school in Sydney. “It’s kind of the purpose of the thing,” he says.“Not only to teach people the traditions and dances, but also to meet other people from the same culture,.”The Greek Folk Dancers Association of NSW teaches around 150 people, between the ages of three and 68.And this week, they’re holding a variety of parties to celebrate another successful year of kicking up their heels.The main party is on Thursday, when all members are invited to attend the Manhattan Superbowl.Mr Aligiannis says there will be dinner followed by bowling, where prizes will be given out for the best Greek dancing-style bowling moves. “You’re going to have to show some Greek dancing in your bowling technique,” he says.Mr Aligiannis says the party season won’t be followed by a long summer, though, as the Folk Dancers will continue to prepare for upcoming events. They’ll be travelling to Adelaide in January for the Pontian gathering, then dancing at the Hornsby Greek Festival in Sydney in February, before heading to Brisbane for the Glendi in May.Mr Aligiannis says he’s also trying to attract sponsorship for an international trip in June. “We’re looking at taking a group to Greece for some dancing workshops,” he says.Mr Aligiannis himself travels to Greece regularly to build on his knowledge of traditional Greek dances and to add to his extensive costume collection.It’s this variety – Mr Aligiannis says he knows over 1 000 traditional dances – that keeps his younger members coming back.And he says there’s plenty of reason for adults to sign up too. “It’s appealing to the adults, because not only do they get good exercise, but it’s about social networking,” he says. To RSVP for the Christmas party, SMS Vas on 0407 081 875.last_img read more

Nellis AFB Unveils Second Solar Array

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, now sports DOD’s largest photovoltaic field, after officials from the Air Force, SunPower Corp. and NV Energy last week dedicated the installation’s second solar array.The $50 million project, a 15-megawatt system, will combine with an existing 13.2-megawatt plant to fully power the base with renewable energy during daylight hours. Both projects were built by SunPower.“The partnership we have with NV Energy and SunPower began over nine years ago with the ribbon cutting of our first solar photovoltaic array, and combined today with the second array will be the largest PVA in the Department of Defense,” said Col. Richard Boutwell, 99th Air Base Wing commander. “This goes hand-in-hand with one of the key purposes of our mission here in Nevada — to be a good neighbor, to find ways where economic growth is compatible with military requirements,” Boutwell said, according to Nellis Public Affairs.As part of the project, NV Energy built a new adjacent substation and underground distribution lines to provide additional redundancy and electricity reliability at Nellis. The utility owns and operates the new array, which was built over a closed landfill.Miranda Ballentine, assistant secretary for installations, environment and energy, said the Air Force is focused on continuing critical community partnerships like this one that also advance the service’s energy resiliency, and deliver cost effective and cleaner power.“These goals are important to us, but this solar array doesn’t stop at making better use of land, meeting Air Force renewable energy goals, and saving money,” Ballentine said. “This project also enhances our mission assurance through energy assurance and showcases how interlocked our national security is with our energy, the economy and our environment,” she said.last_img read more

Hyundai ix25 Image Leaks Ahead Beijing Motor Show

first_imgSouth Korean auto Major Hyundai’s upcoming sub-compact SUV iX25 has surfaced online once again through a purported official image ahead of its official release at the Beijing Motor Show.The Hyundai ix25, a small SUV and a strong opponent of American Auto Major Ford’s much acclaimed EcoSport has been making news for quite sometimes now. Although the SUV made its presence felt on the cyber space on a number of occasions, this is the first time the ix25 has hit the web through official image.Published by Italian site jokeforblog, Hyundai’s upcoming SUV looks stylish in its design and believed to have borrowed some elements from its bigger sibling Santa Fe. Based on Hyundai’s next-generation i20, the new SUV ix25 will be built in China as part of a joint venture between Hyundai and Chinese partner BAIC.Talking of its engine specifications, rumours are rife that the new SUV of Hyundai would draw its power from the 1.2-litre and 1.4-litre petrol engines along with a new 1.4-litre turbo diesel engine. The car packs wrap-around headlight clusters and hexagonal grille and will go on sale in China soon. Earlier in February, the car was caught during its winter test in China.The previous images of the SUV ix25 revealed that the car is likely to accommodate decent legroom at the rear, adjustable headrests and rear air conditioner vents. India debut of the ix25 is unlikely as of now. However, the Korean maker is rumoured to be working on a new SUV using the Grand i10 platform for India auto market.In India, Hyundai is also expected to launch its new gen 2015 i20 in coming months. The car, one of the 22 cars that the company plans to launch under the ‘Product Momentum 2017′ badge in the next three years is expected to pack 1.4-liter diesel and 1.2-liter Kappa2 engine and is likely to come mated to either a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed manual transmission.(Ed: AJ)last_img read more

Be more mindful of menstrual hygiene in summer

first_imgMenstrual hygiene is vital year-round, but it’s advisable to be more careful in the summer season when heat and sweat can lead to more rashes. Ahead of World Menstrual Hygiene Day, observed on May 28, experts have shared tips: Change your pad every four hours: If you use sanitary pads to soak the flow during your periods, remember to change it often. Changing it every four hours is good. If not everyday, do this on the first two days when the flow is heavier. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfUse biodegradable sanitary napkins: Biodegradable napkins or tampons are good for your skin and reduce rashes. Switch to menstrual cups: Menstrual cups, funnel-shaped cups, are an environment-friendly and reasonably priced solution to sanitary napkins and tampons. Menstrual cups are made of silicone and is skin friendly. Keep your vaginal area clean: It is important to keep your vaginal area clean, especially during periods. Use warm water and diluted soap to wash the area. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveNever use two pads simultaneously: No, two is not better than one. Some women who experience heavy flow, tend to use two sanitary pads at one go to control the flow and prevent staining of clothes. This, however, is a bad idea as it can cause infections in the vaginal region. Stick to one and keep changing it often if the flow is more. Wear comfortable, clean underwear: Tight thongs or underwear made of fabric that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe will also lead to infections. Stick to clean and comfortable cotton knickers that do not stick to your skin. Avoid tight clothing: A lot of sweat is discharged during summers, which can be uncomfortable, and makes one’s intimate area moist and wet. Maintain hygiene in scorching summer: Avoid anything that increases the retention of heat and sweat as this can cause the growth of bacteria and even lead to vaginal infection and urinary tract infections (UTIs). If you suspect any type of rash or infection in or near your genitals, do not ignore it.last_img read more

This airline will start issuing steep fines to unruly passengers

first_imgThis airline will start issuing steep fines to unruly passengers Posted by Tags: Air India Share Wednesday, April 19, 2017 center_img << Previous PostNext Post >> NEW DELHI — Friendly skies? Not so much these days, with United Airlines’ dragging incident still dominating headlines around the world. Now another airline has just announced that it will start fining unruly passengers should their behaviour result in flight delays.According to TravelTalk, Air India’s new fines depend on how long the delay is. If a passenger causes a delay of up to one hour, they’ll be fined five lakh rupees (around US$7,500). A delay of one to two hours will cost passengers a steep 10 lakh rupees (over $15,000), while delays of more than two hours will result in a fine of 15 lakh rupees (over $23,000).The Times of India reports that these fines aren’t meant to recoup lost profits due to delays but rather deter passengers from acting out in the first place.To implement these fines, Air India employees will have to follow strict protocol, which includes filing a police complaint under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. Travelweek Group last_img read more

Revamps and rewards with Contiki Crystal learning platforms

first_imgRevamps and rewards with Contiki, Crystal learning platforms Posted by Friday, January 12, 2018 Tags: Contiki, Crystal Cruises, Education TORONTO — Contiki has updated its travel agent eLearning program ContikiU to include a more simplified way to earn Contiki Rewards.Contiki says the program will now feature two levels toward graduation, each boasting “snack size” training modules, ranging from five to 15 minutes each, to be completed at the agent’s leisure. The incentive program offers agents of all ages access to exclusive Contiki rewards based on the number of bookings they make.Agents can register for ContikiU by visiting who complete Level 1, consisting of the mandatory ‘Introduction to Contiki’ and ‘Europe with Contiki’ modules, will now be eligible to earn ‘Contiki Rewards’.Those who also complete Level 2, consisting of the mandatory ‘Asia with Contiki’, ‘The New Contiki Agent Site’ and ‘How to Sell Contiki to Millennials’ courses, will not only be able to redeem for rewards, they will also be qualified to join any of the upcoming four fam trips planned for 2018.“We know millennials and have seen more and more that are willing to seek the expertise of travel agents,” says Sheralyn Berry, Vice President of Sales for Contiki Canada. “This year, we updated our ContikiU program to allow agents of all ages to enrol and earn rewards – in the form of Contiki trips or cash rewards. We want to help them understand the millennial audience and ensure that they are knowledgeable of our products. ContikiU will further enhance our commitment to our valued travel agent partners and provide them with the insight and expertise they need to be successful. Not to mention, the incentive of accessing our amazing Contiki Rewards program!”More news:  War of words between Transat, Group Mach ramps upUpon completion of the two mandatory modules in Level 1, agents will graduate to become a ‘Contiki Champion’ and will be eligible for exclusive ‘Contiki Rewards’ that includes something for everyone from Contiki travel bags, free Contiki trips, and cash rewards (for those over the age of 35 or who simply want the money). The updated rewards program will be based on the amount of bookings made by the graduate. Champions who book:2 Contiki trips will receive a Contiki Parkland lunch kit5 Contiki trips will receive a $50 Contiki Store gift card (redeemable for Contiki branded merchandise), and Contiki swag7 Contiki trips will receive a $200 Visa gift card10 Contiki trips will receive a free Contiki trip (valued at $2,000) or $500 cash15 Contiki trips will receive a free Contiki trip (valued at $2,500) or $750 cash20 Contiki trips will receive one of the following: a free Contiki trip (valued at $3,000) or Travel with a friend or $1,000 cash50 Contiki trips will receive one of the following: a free Contiki trip (valued at $5,000) or Travel with a friend or $2,500 cashCrystal Cruises has also revamped its agent learning centre, debuting its newly renamed Partner Resource Center and also relaunching its updated Travel Agent University.More news:  ‘Turn around year’ for TPI brings double-digit growthFormerly the Travel Agent Center, the Partner Resource Center now has an updated platform, improved functionality and a comprehensive collection of materials and tools, says the cruise line.“We greatly value our relationships with our travel partners, and appreciate the extensive time and effort they put into growing their business,” says Carmen Roig, Crystal’s Senior VP of Marketing and Sales.Aimed at retail partners looking to expand their Crystal business, the new platform provides access to:Training videos and webinarsSales and marketing kitCrystal news and media centerCruise GuidebooksCruiseBuilder 3.0Personalized URL servicesTravel documents and forms portalCrystal sales team bios and backgroundsSpecial offersTravel partner faresCrystal says agents can also increase their Crystal product knowledge through enhanced training modules with the cruise line’s Travel Agent University. The modules have been redeveloped to represent the key selling points of each brand experience across Crystal’s luxury portfolio, including Ocean, River, Yacht Expedition and Air.The first three modules – Crystal’s Multi-Brand experience (billed as a high-level review of All Things Crystal), Crystal Ocean and Crystal River – are scheduled to launch next week. The Yacht Expedition and Private Jet Journeys modules will launch in the weeks to come. Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Community debates Envision Festival boon or threat

first_imgWhile the sixth edition of the Envision Festival, in Uvita, Puntarenas, was taking place this past weekend, residents of the community led a protest asking for the festival not to return to the region.The festival hosts approximately 4,000 people for four days, with many staying on as tourists beyond the festival dates. While this provides an economic boost to the community, the people protesting against the festival see it as a threat to Costa Rican culture and a bad example for their kids.“The community is affected, first because of the example [attendees set]. Our children think it is normal to act and dress like they do, and that’s not our culture, with so much freedom,” Ester Vindas, one of the protest leaders, told The Tico Times. “The drug use [by attendees] increases [each year]… There are already drugs in this community, so we have to work on prevention. We are affected by sound and visual pollution, [and also] the flora and fauna, because this is a wetland and nobody has taken it into account.”The protest started at the center of Uvita on Feb. 27, where the approximately 60 people walked with banners and t-shirts saying “No Más Envision” or “Stop Envision.” The group walked approximately 3 kilometers to the sound of the National Anthem and the Patriótica Costarricense until they got to the gates of Rancho La Merced at about 5 p.m. There, some festival organizers and staff were waiting for them to offer fruit and water, and discuss their concerns, but the protestors did not take them up on the offer.“There’s nothing to negotiate; they are trying to buy us. Values have no price,” Vindas said. “We should have protested since the second edition. This is an uncontrolled event, I think the authorities are not giving permits responsibly; they only thing they care about is the economic factor. I saw a woman changing her underwear publicly in front of the Banco de Costa Rica [in Uvita], so brazenly. Another woman came here and showed her boobs.” Protesters walking to the gates of Rancho La Merced. (Courtesy of Uvita Residents)After protesters’ arrival at Rancho La Merced, they stood around for approximately ten minutes and then left in a bus. They said it was a peaceful protest, so they had nothing more to do there.“This is trash for Costa Rica. We are not used to seeing people naked or doing drugs in front of us,” commented Yendry De Ortíz, a resident of the community of Barú. “Our children are growing up. It doesn’t affect the adults because we have seen strange things, but we think about children.“I haven’t heard about their projects in the community. I’m not from this community, but I came because I want a better Costa Rica, and I don’t want more disasters in my community thanks to these people, as we saw two years ago.”Divided opinions Other community members stood around the gates of the festival, but for a different purpose: Most of them were selling food, drinks, and crafts to attendees. The Tico Times asked them if they have noticed negative effects of the festival.“Not at all. We eat thanks to it. It benefits us,” said Evelyn Picado of Uvita. “There have always been drugs in Costa Rica; the difference is the freedom with which they do it. It’s just that they have a different culture.”Picado also denied allegations that the festival has resulted in water shortages and noise problems.“No. We don’t [want for] water at all. I have drinkable water every single day,” she said.“There’s no problem with noise, because the community is really far,” said fellow resident Ramón Chacón, also selling products outside the festival. “We are 3 kilometers from the center of Uvita, and 1 kilometer from the center of Playa Hermosa. How can they say the noise is a problem? Now we are in front of the festival gates and you can hardly hear the music. We are not affected, we benefit from it.”“This is the best thing that has happened to Uvita. Lots of tourists come, and they bring money,” said Alejandro Vargas, an Uvita resident. “Everybody is benefitting, [selling] pipes, ice cream, water, meat. Everybody makes money with Envision. Drugs will never disappear, and if that’s the case. Why don’t they protest to eliminate the drugs from Uvita or from the country?“For example, the taxis weren’t enough this morning so we needed 30 more taxis from Pérez Zeledón, that is 60 more people (one driver during the day and one during the night) and all of them stay in Uvita and eat in Uvita. All the markets are full. That helps a lot. Also, [festival organizers] donated money to build sidewalks at Uvita and Bahía, and they have donated computers to schools in Uvita, too.” Vendors at Envision Festival Melissa Rejeb/The Tico TimesFestival responseAccording to organizers, Envision is not just a business trying to make money: the organization has partners who live in the community, understand its needs and are working to help.“We are developing Casa Envision, which is a school in Uvita that was abandoned. The community let us come in, and we cleaned up the yard, put new sinks in and painted the walls. We are developing it into a youth center, for youth empowerment,” said Justin Brothers, co-founder and co-producer of the Envision Festival. “This lets them learn how to run a center, how to run a business and develop programs, and how to push their own creative ideas forward as well.”“We did action days at schools in town: [building] planting boxes so they can plant vegetables on their own, interacting with the kids, [working to improve] the water system in Uvita, donating computers to a school in Dominical. We are doing as much as we can. We are not just trying to come in for two weeks, crush everything, and leave. The goal is really to make a positive impact, not just financially, but specifically focusing on the youth because that’s the next generation. Empowering them, supporting them, increasing everything around this entire community.”For Brothers, who said organizers do their best to make sure attendees dress properly in town, opponents of the festival are just scared of the unknown.“Anybody who does show up for the protest, we are going to meet them with some watermelon, water and smiles,” Brothers said, minutes before the protest took place on Saturday afternoon. “And, if they are nice, we are even going to invite them to come in and check it out. Because a lot of that is kind of not knowing what is all about, and not really knowing what the situation is.”On Feb. 24, Envision hosted a tour with the local municipality, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, the police department, people from the indigenous community of Boruca, and other organizations, inside the grounds of the festival so they could see that there was nothing to hide.Considering the water issues some people have complained about in the past, this year the festival was getting water from different communities all around the region so that Uvita wouldn’t face shortages, Brothers said. Municipal supportSome protesters accused the Municipality of Osa of prioritizing economic interests over local culture.Osa mayor Alberto Cole de León said Envision has always complied with or exceeded municipal requests and requirements, and contributes to the local economy, filling the region’s hotels.“The municipality has always supported the festival, and has facilitated the legal procedures … not only for this activity but also for other important activities in the community,” Cole de León told The Tico Times.“We can only see positive things. About the protest, this is a tolerant town and we respect the right to protest,” said Cole de León. “We are willing to listen to any complaint or question anybody has about it. But nobody has yet come to us. We heard about the protest but didn’t know against whom they were protesting or why it took place.”Cole de León also recognized the Envision Festival’s outreach efforts, especially the important role Casa Envision will play for youth in the region.“It’s a beautiful project, and we hope the expected results can be seem in the near future,” the mayor said. Facebook Comments Related posts:Overheard at Envision 2014 6 things you need to know about Envision Festival 2015 Overheard at Envision 2015 Sixth edition of the Envision Festival inspires music and lovelast_img read more

Melbourne impresses Indian corporate delegates

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: J.L <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a238f441″ border=”0″ alt=””></a> Melbourne Convention & Visitors Bureau (MCVB) announced last week their successful hosting of several senior Indian corporate decision makers recent visit to the city.Nine corporate end-users from a range of Indian companies including Glaxo Smith Klein Consumer and Bharti Airtel Ltd were invited on a familiarisation hosted by the MCVB.“Almost three quarters of the Key Decision Makers on our familiarisation said they knew nothing about Melbourne before their visit” said MCVB chief executive Sandra Chipchase.“As a direct result of their familiarisation, all nine delegates have indicated that they have groups in mind for which they could recommend Melbourne”In a survey conducted after the famil, delegates said they were highly satisfied with the friendliness of Melbourne’s people, the value for money the city offered and the standard of service.They added that they thought Melbourne was a “very green and clean city”, had “beautiful venues in the city and around” and was a “superb place with superb people”.“It was also an opportunity for us to show our guests, first-hand, that despite some media reports, Melbourne really welcomes Indian visitors” said Chipchase.“This familiarisation presented quintessential Melbourne, but was specifically tailored to meet the Indian Incentive market’s needs. Chipchase said the success of the familiarisation further position’s Melbourne as a desired destination in the important and growing Indian incentive market. last_img read more

Actress Sophie Pregent holds up her trophy for bes

first_img Actress Sophie Pregent holds up her trophy for best actress in a Quebec television series at the Gala Artis awards ceremony in Montreal on April 26, 2009. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes by Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press Posted Apr 3, 2019 2:51 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email MONTREAL — Viewers’ choice awards celebrating the most popular stars on Quebec television will be handed out next month, and all of the 70 stars nominated are white.In a province where roughly 15 per cent of the population is from visible minorities — rising to about 25 per cent in the Montreal area — the Artis gala reflects the lack of diversity among the most prominent people on Quebec television.Sophie Pregent, president of Quebec’s main artists union, said the homogeneity of the Artis nominees “makes my heart hurt. It’s not a pleasant thing to see.”It’s not as if there aren’t enough people of colour to choose from, she said, noting roughly 15 per cent of her 8,500 active members are second-generation immigrants. The number climbs to 25 per cent if third-generation immigrants are included, she added.There are many actors of colour on Quebec television, Pregent said, but there are very few in leading roles on the most popular shows. Therefore, she explained, those actors aren’t top of mind when Quebecers vote for their favourite stars.The Artis awards are based on the results of a multi-layered poll of 8,000 Quebecers, conducted twice a year by the Leger firm. At the end of November, about 2,000 Quebecers — half online and half by telephone — are asked to spontaneously list their favourite television star in 14 categories, including drama series, sports, news and variety shows.The firm calculates the top five choices and polls another 2,000 Quebecers, asking them to pick their favourites among the names chosen by the first group. Leger repeats the process with another 4,000 people at the end of January.Christian Bourque, Leger’s executive vice-president, said the nominees “tend to be the main characters of the most popular shows because they get the most visibility …. It’s more of a popularity contest.”And that’s precisely the problem, said Jerome Pruneau, head of Diversite artistique Montreal, a group trying to promote cultural diversity in the arts and culture scene in Quebec’s largest city. Through the arts, Quebecers are presented with an identity that is a “white, francophone fantasy,” he said.In the 1960s, when the Quebec nation was shedding its Catholic identity, the arts industry played a major role in the construction of its culture and in the protection of the French language, he said. Today, Pruneau added, the imagined Quebec culture hasn’t kept up with the times.“We have the impression that this is the only identity that represents us,” he said, “and it’s what we see unfortunately on our television shows, in the theatre, in our politics and in the public space — a little bit everywhere.”Haitian-born Quebec actress Fabienne Colas called Monday’s announcement of the Artis nominations “a sad day” for Quebec. “And especially since the majority of the nominees are from Montreal — our city, which is one of the most multi-ethnic in North America.”Her solution is for broadcasters to demand diversity quotas in shows broadcast on their networks. “When there are clear quotas, we have the urgency to find the talent,” she said. “When there aren’t any, we find all the reasons in the world not to integrate diversity.”The issue of race and representation in the arts gained wide attention in Quebec last year after the Montreal International Jazz Festival cancelled a show about black slavery from renowned director, Robert Lepage. Activists protested the performances and accused Lepage and the show’s main performer, Betty Bonifassi — both of whom are white — of appropriating black culture.Pregent said Quebecers are becoming increasingly aware of the lack of representation in the province’s arts industry. Having more people of colour in leading, well-paid roles on the most popular shows “is the last step we have to climb,” she said. Reaching that goal will take more of an effort from production companies and the big broadcasters, she said.Quebecor Inc., a dominant player in the province’s cultural industry, is broadcasting this year’s Artis awards. The company did not return requests for comment.Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press Gala So White: Zero diversity among nominees for Quebec TV viewers’ choice awardslast_img read more

Pius-Junior Opute

Pius-Junior Opute . particularly the 82 programs focusing on teacher quality and calls for major reform to elementary and secondary programs. incumbent President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and a former Military Head of State. Leto is presumably one of the progenitors of the look, which was published Thursday, Consumers became wary.

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Prime Minister Nare

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